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In all praying, remember that sonship is a gift.  No child has aught to do with earning the status of son or daughter.  The earth child comes into being by the will of its parents.  Even so, the child of God comes into grace and the new life of the spirit by the will of the Father in heaven.  Therefore must the kingdom of heaven – divine sonship – be received as by a little child.  You earn righteousness – progressive character development – but you receive sonship by grace and through faith.

Prayer led Jesus up to the super-communion of his soul with the Supreme Rulers of the universe of universes.  Prayer will lead the mortals of earth up to the communion of true worship.  The soul’s spiritual capacity for receptivity determines the quantity of heavenly blessings which can be personally appropriated and consciously realized as an answer to prayer.

Prayer and its associated worship is a technique of detachment from the daily routine of life, from the monotonous grind of material existence.  It is an avenue of approach to spiritualized self-realization and individuality of intellectual and religious attainment.

Prayer is an antidote for harmful introspection.  At least, prayer as the Master taught it is such a beneficent ministry to the soul.  Jesus consistently employed the beneficial influence of praying for one’s fellows.  The Master usually prayed in the plural, not in the singular.  Only in the great crises of his earth life did Jesus ever pray for himself.

Prayer is the breath of the spirit life in the midst of the material civilization of the races of mankind.  Worship is salvation for the pleasure­ seeking generations of mortals.

As prayer may be likened to recharging the spiritual batteries of the soul, so worship may be compared to the act of tuning in the soul to catch the universe broadcasts of the infinite spirit of the Universal Father.

Prayer is the sincere and longing look of the child to its spirit Father; it is a psychologic process of exchanging the human will for the divine will.  Prayer is a part of the divine plan for making over that which is into that which ought to be.

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