“Next Life” Personalities — Directory

The Guardian Angels

The Ascending Mortals

Michael of Nebadon: Bestowed on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth

The Universe Son and Spirit

The Bright and Morning Stars

The Brilliant Evening Stars

The Archangels

The Most High Assistants

The High Commissioners

The Celestial Overseers

The Higher Spirit Orders of Assignment

Permanent Citizens of the Local Universe

Other Local Universe Groups

Ministering Spirits of The Local Universe

The Midway Creatures

The Seraphic Hosts

The Supreme Seraphim

Superior Seraphim

Supervisor Seraphim

Administrator Seraphim

Planetary Helpers

Transition Ministers

The Celestial Artisans

The Celestial Musicians

The Divine Builders

The Thought Recorders

The Energy Manipulators

The Heavenly Reproducers & The Harmony Workers

The Designers and Embellishers

The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision

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