No Prayer is Unanswered

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1.  When a prayer is unanswered, the delay often betokens a better answer.

2.  No sincere prayer is denied.

3.  The prayer of material beings can many times be answered only as such an individual has progressed to the spiritual level.

4.  No prayer can hope for an answer unless it is nurtured by faith.

5.  Ask and you shall receive; but you should remember that we are progressive creatures of time; there­fore you must constantly reckon with the time factor in the experience of your personal reception of the full answer to your prayers.

6.  Your sincere faith implies that you have in advance virtually granted your prayer Hearer the full right to answer your petitions in accordance with the wisdom and that love which your faith depicts as always to the creator to whom you pray.

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God is “Our Father”!

God is Good!


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