Our Ascendent Life!

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Here on Urantia we pass through a short and intense test, all to evolve the “escape vehicle” of our immortal souls. And then, upon mortal death, and the judgment of your soul, approving thereby your subsequent resurrection on one of the Jerusem mansion worlds, we traverse the immortal morontia phases of our spiritually ascending career; up through our local system Satania, our constellation Norlatiadek, on to our local universe Nebadon, and on beyond to our arrival on the training spheres of our seventh superuniverse of Orvonton; where there, we all shall then individually traverse the first true spirit stages of our spiritual progress, being thus prepared for our long eventful transit to Havona.

Our attainment of Havona’s last seven circuits provides us our intellectual, social, emotional, and almost spirit maturity; with our individual replete perfection coming upon our actual personal arrival on Paradise itself. And it is here that each of us will eternally meet and live near our Father and Creator, God!

On Paradise, we shall be inducted into the Paradise Corps of Mortal Finaliters, assigned to presently work as the actual God-agent Administrators and Directors of the presently evolving 490 trillion world creations of the First Outer Space Level. There we shall serve the actual inhabitants of those planned evolving worlds, much and more, as the angelic and spirit beings that right now are serving us, as well as all the inhabitants of the other currently evolving 7 trillion inhabitable worlds of our Second Space Level path.

Of those of us who so chose, as human beings of this planet, we are indeed newly evolving citizens of the Master Universe. And truly is our spiritual ascension as mandated with such a consideration of immortal and spirit training, indeed an awesome and very spiritually intense responsibility!

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The Inhabited Worlds

The Planetary Physical Types


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