Our Father’s Eternal Perfection

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God is eternally and infinitely perfect. Though God cannot personally know imperfection as His own experience, He does share the consciousness of all our experiences of imperfectness.

Nothing is new to God, and no cosmic event ever comes as a surprise to Him. God inhabits the circle of eternity. He is without beginning or end of days. “A thousand years in His sight are but as yesterday when it is past and as a watch in the night.” Even our olden prophets understood the eternal, never-­ beginning, never-ending, circular nature of our Universal Father.

There is infinite perfection in God’s divine integrity. “I am the Lord; I change not.” In God’s conduct, there “is no variableness, neither shadow of changing.” He “declares the end from the beginning.” He says: “My counsel shall stand; I will do all my pleasure.” Thus the plans and purposes of God, are like Himself: eternal, perfect, and forever changeless.

There is finality of completeness, and perfection of repleteness, in the mandates of God. “Whatsoever God does, it shall be forever; nothing can be added to it nor anything taken from it.” Our Universal Father does not repent of His original purposes of wisdom and perfection. His plans are steadfast, His counsel immutable, while His acts are divine and infallible.

The perfection of divinity, and the magnitude of eternity, are forever beyond the full grasp of our circumscribed minds. The reactions of a changeless God in the execution of His eternal purpose may seem to vary in accordance with our changing attitude and our shifting minds; that is, they may apparently and superficially vary; but underneath the surface and beneath all outward manifestations, there is still present the changeless purpose, the everlasting plan, of our Eternal God.

God’s primal perfection consists not in an assumed righteousness but rather in the inherent perfection of the goodness of His divine nature. He is final, complete, and perfect. There is nothing lacking in the beauty and perfection of His righteous character.

God is neither self-centered nor self-contained; He never ceases to bestow Himself upon all self-conscious creatures of His vast master universe of all creation. In fact the whole scheme of living existences on the worlds of space is centered in the divine purpose of elevating all ‘will creatures’ to the high destiny of the experience of sharing the Father’s Paradise perfection. In this manner, as well as through the contacts of His divine presence of the Thought Adjusters right now indwelling our human minds, God actually participates in our experience with the immaturity and imperfection we are (right now) experiencing in our evolving spiritual career. The personal and liberating touch of our Father of perfection, overshadows the hearts and encircuits the natures of all of us who have ascended to the universe level of moral discernment.

Our present human limitations, and potential evil, are not a part of His divine nature, but our mortal experience with evil, and all our relations thereto, are most certainly a part of His ever-expanding self­ realization.

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God is “All”!


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