Our Mind is Mortal, Human, and Evolutionary

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Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to each and every human being for use during this, your present material life-time! Thus, in and through your mind, your decisions are made! And as you work in and with your mind, reaching your decisions, you are either rejecting or accepting your potential of Eternal survivability!

In essence, mind is a functional unity; and this unity invariably seeks for spirit cooperation on all levels of its association with personal selves. Even when hampered and hindered by the unwise actions and choices of a misguided self, the mind never fails to manifest a constitutive unity. For throughout the mind functions of cosmic intelligence, the totality of mind is always dominate over the parts of its intellectual function.

Human mind is subject to human will-your ability to know God and your personality power to choose to worship and ‘Be’ like Him! Thus as a purely selfish human will can actually twist, distort, and even make evil human mind, so too can the spirit-illuminated will of a God-conscious human being ever­ render this same mind to be true, noble, beautiful, and actually great!

God perfectly serves and loves each and every thing and being! Thus it is only when a God-conscious human will, doing God’s Will, subjects its human mind’s personality power of choice to love and serve all things and all beings, does this same human mind attain the attributes of true greatness-God­ likeness!

Evolutionary minds are only full, stable, and dependable when either entirely spiritualized or under (mechanical) creature control. Intervening between these two cosmic extremes of intellectuality is that enormous group of evolving and ascending minds whose stability and tranquility depend upon personality choice and spirit identification. Thus it is here our human mind appears.

It is therefore not so much what your mind comprehends, as to what it desires to comprehend that ensures your continuing survivability of personality choice; as it is not so much what your mind is like, as to what it is striving to be like, that constitutes your spirit identification. And it is not so much that you are God-conscious, as you learn to be God-conscious, that ensures the Eternal survivability of you! For what you are today, is never as important as what you are becoming – day by day – and in eternity! It is thus this inevitability that results your actual universe ascension!

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