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“The Lord our God is one Lord, and you should love Him with all your mind and soul while you do your very best to love all of us – His children – as you love yourself.  The one God is our heavenly Father, in Whom all things consist, and Who dwells by His spirit, in every sincere human soul. And we who are the children of God should know how to commit the keeping of our souls to Him as our faithful Creator. With our heavenly Father, all things are possible. Since He is the Creator, having made all things and all beings, it could not be otherwise. Though we cannot see God, we can know Him. – And by daily living His will, we can reveal Him to our fellow mortals.

We cannot search out God by knowledge, but we can know Him in our souls by personal experience. While His justice may be past finding out for the divine riches of His character must be infinitely deep and eternally wise – His mercy may be received by the humblest being on earth.

When we begin to feel after God, that is evidence that God has found us, and that we are in quest of knowledge about Him.

Father is not only all-powerful but also all-wise. He fills the universe; we live in Him and He dwells in us. Our mind is human, mortal, but our spirit is divine, immortal. If earth parents, being of evil tendency, know how to love their children and bestow good gifts on them, how much more must our good Father in heaven know how wisely to love us, His children on earth, and to bestow suitable blessings upon us all.

Our Father in heaven will not suffer a single child on earth to perish if that child has a desire to find Him and truly longs to be like Him. Our Father even loves the wicked and is always kind to the ungrateful. If more human beings could only know about the goodness of God, they would certainly be led to repent of their evil ways and forsake all known sin. All good things come down from our Father of light, in Whom there is no variableness neither shadow of changing. The spirit of our true God is in us all. He intends that all of us should be brothers and sisters.

I will no longer be satisfied to believe that God is the Father of all people; I will henceforth believe that He is also Father. Always will I try to worship God with the help of the Spirit of Truth, which is my helper when I have become really God-knowing. But first of all, I am going to practice worshiping God by learning how to do the will of God on earth; that is, I am going to do my best to treat each of my fellow human beings just as I think God would like to have them treated. And when we live this sort of life in the flesh, we may ask many things of God, and He will give us the desire of our hearts that we may be the better prepared to serve our fellows. And all of this loving service of the children of God enlarges our capacity to receive and experience the joys of heaven, the high pleasures of the ministry of the spirit of heaven.”

“I will every day thank God for His unspeakable gifts;
I will praise Him for His wonderful works to us – His children. To me He is the Almighty, the Creator, the Power, and the Mercy, but best of all He is my Spirit Father, and as His earth child, I am sometime going forth to see Him. And by searching for Him I shall become like Him; and by faith in Him – I have attained peace with God.

This new religion of ours is very full of joy, and it generates an enduring happiness. I am confident that I shall be faithful even to death, and that I will surely receive the crown of eternal life.

I am learning to prove all things and adhere to that which is good. Whatsoever I would that people should do to me, that I will do to my fellows. By this new faith I know that humans may become the children of God, but it sometimes terrifies me when I stop to think that all people are my spiritual brothers and sisters, but it must be true!

I do not see how I can rejoice in the Fatherhood of God while I refuse to accept the brotherhood of man. Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  If that is true, then all men must be my brothers and all women must be my sisters!

Henceforth will I do my good deeds in secret; I will also pray most when by myself. I will judge not that I may not be unfair to my fellows. I am going to learn to love my enemies; I have not truly mastered this practice of being Godlike. Though I see God in other religions, I find Him in our religion as being more beautiful, loving, merciful, personal, and positive. But most of all, this great and glorious Being is my spiritual Father    and I am His child. And by no other means than my honest desire to be like Him, I am eventually to find Him and eternally to serve Him. At last I have a religion with a God, a marvelous God, and He is a God of eternal salvation.”

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