Our Seventh Superuniverse Orvonton

  1. Orvonton is the name of the seventh superuniverse in which our planet, Urantia, is found, and Uversa is the name of its spiritual and administrative architectural headquarter capital.  And the glory, grandeur, and perfection of this Orvonton capital surpasses any of the wonders of the time-space creations.
  2. Splandon is the name of our major sector; and the name of its superb headquarters is Umajor the fifth.
  3. Ensa is the name of our minor sector; and the name of its wonderful headquarters world is Uminor the third.
  4. Nebadon is the name of our local universe, and its magnificent architectural headquarters capital is Salvington.  In Nebadon the organization of planetary abodes is still progressing, for our local universe is, indeed, a young cluster in the starry and planetary realms of our seventh superuniverse Orvonton.  At the last registry, it is revealed that there were 3,840,101 inhabited planets.
  5. Norlatiadek is the name of our constellation; and Edentia is the name of its architectural headquarters. Edentia is approximately one hundred times as large as our world Urantia.
  6. Satania is the name of our local system, and Jerusem is the name of its headquarters sphere. The local system is the basic unit of the superuniverse government and consists of about one thousand inhabited or inhabitable worlds.  Blazing suns, cold worlds, planets too near hot suns, and other spheres not suitable for creature habitation are not included in this group.  These one thousand worlds adapted to support life are called a system, but in the younger systems only a comparatively small number of these worlds may be inhabited.

Satania is an unfinished system containing only 619 inhabited worlds.  There are thirty-six uninhabited planets nearing the life-endowment stage, and several are now being made ready for life-implantation; and there are nearly two hundred spheres which are evolving so as to be ready for life implantation within the next few million years.  Such planets are numbered serially in accordance with their registration as inhabited worlds.  Our planet Urantia was thus given the number 606 of Satania, meaning the 606th world in our local system on which the long evolutionary life process culminated in the appearance of all us human beings.

The oldest inhabited world of Satania, world number one, is Avona, one of the forty-four satellites revolving around an enormous dark planet but exposed to the differential light of three neighboring suns; and Avona is in an advanced stage of progressive civilization.

  1. Urantia is the universal nomenclature of our planet, and it is of origin of our sun, and our sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was one time organized as a component part of the physical power and material matter of our local universe Nebadon.  And the great Andronover nebula itself took origin in the universal force-charge of space in our seventh superuniverse Orvonton, long, long, ago.

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