Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Homes

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Seven trillion evolving inhabitable worlds (estimated to be in time and space), together with the perfect eternal central universe (of over one billion perfect worlds in eternity), currently comprise the evolving grand universe; and the grand universe, together with the four (4) Outer Space Levels, comprise the present master universe.

‘All’ is the only total of all infinity!  Space is therefore only a part of infinity, and is divided into pervaded and unpervaded space.  The location of all creation is found only in pervaded space; and unpervaded space is its space reservoir.  Therefore, total space, divided into pervaded and unpervaded space, is not without dimensions; they both have a top, a bottom, a front, and an end.

If you would to imagine the vertical cross section of total space, it would slightly resemble a Maltese cross. The horizonal areas, being equal in dimension of length and completely surrounded by zones of relative quiet, represent pervaded space – those forces, energies, powers, and presence known to exist in creation.  The vertical arm extensions (described similarly to the volume outlines of a large hourglass) represent unpervaded space – vast space reservoirs.  And with none of these arms touching the nucleus of this cross, found in this very center of all infinity, is the Eternal Isle of Paradise – the eternal home of God-Himself.

The Eternal Isle of Paradise is the only creation of its kind in the total of all infinity; and it’s ellipsoid, not spherical, as all other inhabited space bodies.  And pre-existentially with God’s freewill decision-choice to eternally actualize the Eternal I Am of his infinite inherent potentials in all (throughout the total of all creation), did the Eternal Isle of Paradise, the eternal central universe, and the dimensions of space (itself) simultaneously (eternally) emerge.

The dimensions of pervaded and unpervaded space are tangent to, but do not touch Paradise itself; for it is only the quiet mid-space zones that come in contact with this motionless headquarters’ nucleus of all infinity.  Paradise is in fact the motionless nucleus of the relatively quiet zones existing between pervaded and unpervaded space.  Paradise therefore, does not exist in either time or space, but in reality ‘pre-exists’ in infinity – and is its very center!

Being essentially flat, the north and south diameter of Paradise is one-sixth longer than its east and west diameter, and its upper and lower surface is one-tenth its east to west diameter.  And taken in connection with its single form of motionless materialization of neither dead or alive material, and the greater out-pressure of cosmic force-energy at its north end – its dimensions account for the total possibility of establishing absolute direction throughout the cosmos.

All space breaths; and Paradise is the source of its pulsation.  Thus, as pervaded space expands, unpervaded space contracts – and vice-versa; and this respiration effects both the horizontal arm extensions of pervaded space and the vertical arm extensions of unpervaded space.  And pervadable space becomes non-pervadable space, and non-pervadable space becomes pervadable, as both types of space units flow through the transmitting regulation channels found just under lower Paradise.

As lower Paradise is the source of all cosmic force-space and energy manifestations, upper Paradise is the universal headquarters for all personality activities throughout infinity.  And its periphery, among other non-personal functions, serves as the actual landing port for all Paradise arrivals; for neither upper nor lower Paradise is approachable by any personality transport.

If one would look up from upper Paradise, nothing but unpervaded space would be seen – coming in and going out – presently just now coming in.   For there is a two (2) billion-year expansion-contracting cycle of pervaded and unpervaded space – one billion years to expand, and one billion years to contract.  And time is by virtue of this 2 billion-year (motion) cycle; and because the function of mind gives an awareness of sequentiality.

Concerning the total of creation – as space exists in the horizontal arena of pervaded space, time exists by virtue of the motion inherent in the vertical arena of unpervaded space.

Located on the upper level, at the very center of Paradise itself, brilliantly found as the first of three concentric zones is the most glorious, perfectly ideal, and unimaginably exquisite eternal residence of the real (pure) Spirit Person of God-Himself!  And it is from here that God the Father of all perfectly controls the total of all creation through the infinity of his four absolute gravity circuits: spirit, mind, materialization (energy-matter), and personality.

As the materialization circuits of physical gravity originate in and gravitate towards lower Paradise, the three remaining circuits of spirit, mind, and personality all originate in and gravitate towards upper Paradise.  And in God — all things return to their source of origin.  Concluding it is only God who is both the source and the destiny of all personality.

All created personality actually originate in, respond to, and gravitate towards the central Deity of God-Himself.  All personalities therefore seek to attain God, and to perfectly respond to creation, within their particular sphere of inherent potential – as God!

Immediately surrounding the three concentric zones of the Deity presence of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, is the vast concentric area named the Most Holy Sphere.  Having no physical manifestations, only intellectual creations, it is this area where all Paradise personalities worship God, so strong and intense is their worship that even God must urge them – in his own loving way – to go on and be about the duty of their individual universe assignments!

Surrounding the vast concentric zone of the Most Holy Sphere is the Holy Land or Holy Area – the outlying concentric residential region where ‘our’ most exquisite eternal individual homes are (right now) awaiting our personal individual arrival(s).

This Holy Area is large enough to reside almost an infinity of created personalities.  In fact, if all the humanity to have ever lived on this planet were now to reside in these perfectly beautiful and exquisitely landscaped (pre-existent) individual homes, only would a mere fraction of just one (1) percent of this assigned area be occupied!

Divided into seven concentric zones, themselves divided into seven immense divisions each, it is the second of these concentric zones located near the actual Spirit Person of God-Himself and his associate Deities that you would could actually find the perfect and exquisite individual eternal home of you; (right now) awaiting, if you so choose, your personal Paradise arrival!  And to those of you who so choose, may I say: absolutely, I will see you there!

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