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The evolution of mechanisms (mortal bodies to spirit forms) implies and indicates the concealed presence and dominance of creative mind. The ability of our mortal intellect to conceive, design, and create automatic (material) mechanisms demonstrates the superior, creative, and purposive qualities of the human mind as the dominant influence on our planet. Mind always reaches out towards:

1.  Creation of material mechanisms.

2.  Discovery of hidden mysteries.

3.  Exploration of remote situations.

4.  Formulation of mental systems.

5.  Attainment of wisdom goals.

6.  Achievement of spirit levels.

7.  The accomplishment of divine destinies.

Mind is always creative. The mind endowment of an individual animal, mortal, angel, spirit, etc., is always competent to produce a suitable and serviceable body for the living creature identity.  Yes, even spirit beings have form, and these spirit forms (patterns) are real.  Even the highest type of spirit personalities have forms personality presences in every sense analogous to our mortal human bodies.  But the presence phenomenon of a personality or the pattern of an identity, as such, is not a manifestation of energy, either physical, mindal, or spiritual.  The personality form is the pattern aspect of a living being; it connotes the arrangement of energies, and this, plus life and motion, is the mechanism of creature existence.

The liaison of the cosmic mind and the ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits evolve a suitable physical tabernacle for the evolving human being. Likewise does the morontia mind individualize the morontia form for all mortal survivors. As the mortal body is personal and characteristic for every human being, so will our morontia form be highly individual and adequately characteristic of the creative mind which will dominate it. No two morontia forms are any more alike than any two human bodies. And after our morontia life it will be found that spirit forms are equally diverse, personal, and characteristic of their respective spirit-mind indwellers.

On this, our material world, we think of a body as having a spirit, but on the morontial and spiritual worlds they regard the spirit as having a body. The spirit is the creative reality; the physical counterpart is the time-space reflection of the eternal spirit reality, the physical repercussion of the creative action of spirit-mind. The spirit is the architect, the mind is the builder, the body is the material building.

The life mechanism of the mortal personality, the human body, is the product of supermortal creative design; therefore, it can never be perfectly controlled by the human beings themselves. Only when ascending human beings, in liaison with the fused Adjuster, self-creates the mechanism for personality expression, will the human being achieve perfected control thereof.

Mind universally dominates matter, even as it is in turn responsive to the ultimate overcontrol of spirit.  In non-personal situations of time and space, physical energy seems to predominate, but it also appears that the more nearly spirit-mind functions approaches divinity of purpose and supremacy of action, the more nearly does the spirit phase become dominant. And thus, with us mortal humans, only that mind which freely submits itself to the spirit direction can hope to survive this mortal time-space existence as an immortal child of the eternal spirit world of God.

The material eyes are truly the windows of the spirit-born soul.

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