Personal Religious Experience

1. Religion is only an exalted humanism until it is made divine by the discovery of the reality of the presence of God in personal experience.

2. Personal religious experience consists in two phases: discovery in the human mind and revelation by the indwelling Spirit Being.

3. Religion is purely and wholly a matter of personal experience; religion must become a reality in your individual experiences, for God-consciousness is resident individually in the indwelling Spirit Being.

4. Religion is a revelation to your soul dealing with spiritual realities which your mind alone could never discover or fully fathom.

5. The greatest discovery possible for the human soul to make is the supernal experience of finding God for yourself, in yourself, and of yourself, and of doing all this as a fact in your own personal experience.

6. And there is only one adventure which is more satisfying and thrilling than the attempt to discover the will of the living God, and that is the supreme experience of honestly trying to do that divine will.

7. The hope of human brotherhood can only be realized when, and as, the divergent mind religions of authority become impregnated with, and overshadowed by, the unifying and ennobling religion of the spirit – the religion of personal spiritual experience.

8. The religions of authority require of mortals uniformity in belief; the religion of the spirit requires only unity of experience – making full allowance for diversity of belief.

9. The religion of the spirit requires only uniformity of insight, not uniformity of viewpoint and outlook; it demands not uniformity of intellectual views, only unity of spirit feeling.

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