Personality Isolation

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1. Character is something more than mere mind and morals; some degree of recognition and a certain amount of appreciation are essential to the development of human character.

2. Humans languish in isolation; isolation tends to exhaust the energy charge of the soul

3. Association with one’s fellows is essential to the renewal of the zest of life and is indispensable to the maintenance of the courage to fight those battles consequent upon the ascent to the higher levels of human living.

4. Difficulties, sorrow, disappointment, and defeat are more painful and disheartening when borne alone; many noble human impulses die be­cause there is no one to hear their expression.

5. Loving and intimate human associations tend to rob suffering of its sorrow and hardship of much of its bitterness.

6. The feelings of insecurity arising from fear of personality isolation in the universe should be antidoted by the faith contemplation of the Father and by the attempted realization of Him.

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