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The Planetary Physical Types Social Classes Early Marine Life in the Shallow Seas — The Trilobite Age The Early Ice Age The Mixed Races Home Life of Adam and Eve The Evolutionary Races of Color The Legend of Creation Origin of Our Colored Races Life Establishment on Our Planet Urantia The First Human Beings Adam and Eve’s Arrival on Urantia Physical-Life Prerequisites Education The Cretaceous Stage — The Flowering-Plant Period The Solar System Stage — The Planet-Forming Era The Six Evolutionary Races Recognition of Urantia as an Inhabited World Basic Human Institutions  The Fostering of Evolution The Dawn of Civilization The First Continental Flood Stage — The Invertebrate Animal Age The Floods in Mesopotamia — Revealing The Biblical Story of Noah’s Ark The Default of Adam and Eve The Climatic Transition Stage Spatial Environment The Successive Ages Law, Liberty, and Sovereignty The Earth’s Core, Crust, and Oceans The Second Great Flood Stage Dawn of Chinese Civilization The Life-Dawn Era Later Chinese Civilization Our Mortal Life Evolutionary Will Creatures Evolution of Culture Table of Contents – Planet Earth Book Red Man and Yellow Man The Genesis of War The Inhabited Worlds Crustal Stabilization — The Age of Earthquakes Political Sovereignty Origin of Monmatia — Our Urantia Solar System The Maintenance of Civilization The Adams and Eves The Mammalian Era The Planetary Prince of Urantia The So-called “Fall of Man” The Planetary Life The Dawn Races of Early Man The Origin of our Planet — Urantia The Evolutionary Panorama Primitive Man in the Ice Age Human Life on Our World is an Unknown Experiment Private Property Slavery as a Factor in Civilization The Great Land-Emergence Stage Misfortunes of Caligastia Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era The Cro-Magnoid Blue Man The Geologic History Book Not ‘4’, but ‘987 Billion Years’ it took Earth to Evolve! Death of Adam and Eve The Recent Flood Stage The Continuing Ice Age The Vegetable to Animal Transition Period The New Continental Land Stage The Marine-Life Era on Urantia The Planetary Rebellion The Primates The Crustal-Shifting Stage Establishing the Garden of Eden The Three White Races Origin Of Inhabited Worlds The Recent Continental – Elevation Stage Primitive Clubs and Secret Societies Dispersion of the Colored Races Factors in Social Progression The First Human Family The Planetary Atmosphere Progressive Civilization The Modern Mountain Stage The Acme of Material Development

Author: Douglas Mayberry

Douglas Mayberry is a brilliant researcher of the highly complex, written in the highest human language (1924-35) recent revelations to our planet; which have now been fully litigated by the American federal court system to be in the public domain.  For over 35 years he engaged extensive, persistent, and intensive research into the claims, primarily because he just wanted to know. Discovering eternal truths can actually be ‘lived’, through his own direct experience, as to his increasingly number of probing inquiries, he furthered his research to actually be able to ‘live’ the validity of the progressive answers being revealed, finding them to be quite true; leaving him to live a far more peaceful, comfortable, purposefully enjoyable spiritual life, while living here on earth as a human being. Excited! and wanting to spread the message, it however soon became very apparent that the revelations as compiled were just too complex to simply give a full understanding.  So it was for a period spanning over 15 years that he came to analyze, categorize, and organize ‘down-stepped’ subject-related compilations for better study and review.  Enjoy!

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