Planet Earth Book — Directory

The Planetary Physical Types

Social Classes

Early Marine Life in the Shallow Seas — The Trilobite Age

The Early Ice Age

The Mixed Races

Home Life of Adam and Eve

The Evolutionary Races of Color

The Legend of Creation

Origin of Our Colored Races

Life Establishment on Our Planet Urantia

The First Human Beings

Adam and Eve’s Arrival on Urantia

Physical-Life Prerequisites


The Cretaceous Stage — The Flowering-Plant Period

The Solar System Stage — The Planet-Forming Era

The Six Evolutionary Races

Recognition of Urantia as an Inhabited World

Basic Human Institutions 

The Fostering of Evolution

The Dawn of Civilization

The First Continental Flood Stage — The Invertebrate Animal Age

The Floods in Mesopotamia — Revealing The Biblical Story of Noah’s Ark

The Default of Adam and Eve

The Climatic Transition Stage

Spatial Environment

The Successive Ages

Law, Liberty, and Sovereignty

The Earth’s Core, Crust, and Oceans

The Second Great Flood Stage

Dawn of Chinese Civilization

The Life-Dawn Era

Later Chinese Civilization

Our Mortal Life

Evolutionary Will Creatures

Evolution of Culture

Table of Contents – Planet Earth Book

Red Man and Yellow Man

The Genesis of War

The Inhabited Worlds

Crustal Stabilization — The Age of Earthquakes

Political Sovereignty

Origin of Monmatia — Our Urantia Solar System

The Maintenance of Civilization

The Adams and Eves

The Mammalian Era

The Planetary Prince of Urantia

The So-called “Fall of Man”

The Planetary Life

The Dawn Races of Early Man

The Origin of our Planet — Urantia

The Evolutionary Panorama

Primitive Man in the Ice Age

Human Life on Our World is an Unknown Experiment

Private Property

Slavery as a Factor in Civilization

The Great Land-Emergence Stage

Misfortunes of Caligastia

Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era

The Cro-Magnoid Blue Man

The Geologic History Book

Not ‘4’, but ‘987 Billion Years’ it took Earth to Evolve!

Death of Adam and Eve

The Recent Flood Stage

The Continuing Ice Age

The Vegetable to Animal Transition Period

The New Continental Land Stage

The Marine-Life Era on Urantia

The Planetary Rebellion

The Primates

The Crustal-Shifting Stage

Establishing the Garden of Eden

The Three White Races

Origin Of Inhabited Worlds

The Recent Continental – Elevation Stage

Primitive Clubs and Secret Societies

Dispersion of the Colored Races

Factors in Social Progression

The First Human Family

The Planetary Atmosphere

Progressive Civilization

The Modern Mountain Stage

The Acme of Material Development

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