Prayer and the Alter Ego

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1.  Praying tends to evolve into the dialogue type of communication by the emergence of the idea of an alter ego; the human’s ego seeks to hold communion with a fictitious alter ego.

2.  In time the alter-ego concept is exalted from converse with imaginary companions at youth to a superior status of divine divinity to eventually the One God, a divine being embodying the highest ideals and the loftiest aspirations of the praying ego.

3.  As the concept of the alter ego of prayer becomes supreme and divine, so are your ideals accordingly elevated from mere human toward supernal and divine levels, and the profound unification of human personality.

4.  It is altogether fitting that when you pray, you should strive to grasp the concept of a nearby alter ego, and then recognize  that the idea  of  this alter  ego has evolved from a mere fiction to the truth of God’s indwelling factual presence of your [right now] indwelling spirit, so that you can talk ‘face-to-face,’ as it  were, with a real and genuine and divine alter  ego  that indwells you and is the very presence and essence of the living God, the Universe Father of all.

5.  And when there — remain for a time in silent receptivity to afford the indwelling spirit the better opportunity to speak to your listening soul.

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