Prayer Persistence

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1.   If persistence will win favors even from mortal man, how much more, then, will your persistence in the spirit win for you from the willing hands of the Father in heaven.

2.  If you, then, being mortal and finite, know how to answer prayer and give good and appropriate gifts to your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the spirit and many additional blessings to those who ask him?

3.  “Prayer is the breath of the soul and should lead you to be persistent in your attempts to ascertain the Father’s will.

4.  Men ought always to pray and not become discouraged; your persistence, however, is not to win favor with God but to change your earth attitude and to enlarge your soul’s capacity for spirit receptivity.

5.  The earnest and longing repetition of any petition, when such a prayer is the sincere expression of a child of God, and is uttered in faith, no matter how ill-advised or impossible of direct answer, never fails to expand the soul’s capacity for spiritual

6.  The soul’s spiritual capacity for determines the quantity blessings which can be appropriated and consciously realized as an answer to prayer.

7.  Prayer is the factor in the enlargement of one’s capacity to receive the presence of the divine spirit.

8.  Prayer has been the ancestor of much peace of mind, cheerfulness, calmness, courage, self-mastery, and fair-mindedness in the men and women of the evolving races.

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