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Providence functions with regard to the total of a specific universe frame; dealing only with the function of a creature –and only as such function is related to that total.

The impersonal presence of Deity (providence) manifests regard for the whole of creation; not for any part of it. Thus with regard to any being, as concerns the evolutionary growth of some total (being a total race, total nation, total planet, or even a higher total) — providential intervention is indicative of the importance of the function of that being; not the importance of that being as a person!

 (Nevertheless, God our Father (as a Person) may at any time interpose a Fatherly hand in the stream of cosmic events — all in accordance with His Will, as motivated by His love, and in consonance with His wisdom.)

Many of the theologic difficulties and metaphysical dilemmas of our present-day humanity are due to our mislocation of Deity personality and consequent assignment of infinite and absolute attributes to subordinate Divinity and to evolutionary Deity. We therefore must remember, there is indeed a true First Cause and Center (God Himself), but there are also a whole host of coordinate and subordinate causes (detailed in the Urantia Book)!

The vital distinction between second causes and God the First Cause is that God’s First causes produce original effects which are free from inheritance of any factor derived from any antecedent causation; while secondary causes yield effects which invariably exhibit inheritance from other and preceding causation.

(For example: God’s Trinity — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, is not the Almighty Supreme — the perceivable reality of the physical reality of the living organism of the grand universe.)

The Paradise Trinity, functions as God’s absolute, God the Father as His absolute Personality Person, God the Son as His absolute Spirit, and God the Spirit as His absolute Mind. Centered on these (First Cause) absolutes of actuality, and predicated on their potentiality, is the (second cause) growth of the Almighty Supreme. Though of different causes, the functions of the Almighty Supreme are related to the functions of the Paradise Trinity — and both are providence!

Providence is the sure and certain march of the galaxies of space, and the personalities of time, toward the goals of eternity –first in the Supreme, then in the Ultimate, and perhaps in the Absolute.

In infinity, providence is fully believed; for it is the Will, the Actions, the Purpose of the (First Cause) Paradise Trinity of God Himself — motivating the cosmic panorama of universes upon universes — Self­-actualizing the I AM of God!

And there is a real and emerging providence in the finite realm of universe existence — a true and actualizing correlation of the energies of space, the motions of time, the thoughts of intellect, the ideals of character, the desires of spiritual natures, and the purposive volitional acts of evolving personalities­ these circumstances of the finite material realms finding final finite integration in the interlocking presences of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate.

(As the systems, constellations, universes, and superuniverses become settled in ‘light and life’ [the finality of evolutionary attainment), the Supreme Being increasingly emerges as the meaningful correlator of all that is transpiring; while God the Ultimate {the evolving God Person of the second experiential level of unifying Deity manifestation} gradually emerges as the transcendental unifier of all things.)

The providence of the overcontrol of the Supreme Being (the evolving God Person of time and space) becomes increasingly apparent as the successive ages of the universe progress in the attainment of finite destinies.

As the mechanisms of the grand universe are perfected to a point of final precision through the overcontrol of cosmic mind, as creature mind ascends to the perfection of divinity attainment through perfected integration with its indwelling Spirit Being, and as the Supreme Being consequently emerges as an actual unifier of all these universe phenomena — so too does providence become increasingly discernible.

Providence is not whimsical: neither is it fantastic nor magical. It is the slow and sure emergence of the mighty sovereign of the finite universe – the Supreme Being – whose majestic presence we as evolving creatures occasionally will detect in our universe progressions.

Providence becomes increasingly discernible as we reach upward from the material to the spiritual.

It is revealed what we as mortals call providence is all too often the product of our own imagination: the fortuitous juxtaposition of the circumstances of chance.

 Much of what we would consider to be good luck — might really be bad luck. The smile of fortune that bestows unearned leisure and undeserved wealth – may too be the greatest of human afflictions in the cosmos. The apparent cruelty of a perverse fate that heaps tribulation upon some suffering human being(s} – may in reality be the tempering fire that is transmuting the soft iron of an immature personality into the tempered steel of real character.

It may be due to the gradually emerging presence of the Supreme Being that some of the amazingly fortuitous conditions that occasionally prevail on our evolutionary world foretaste of his future universe activities. But most of what we as mortals would call providential — is not; for our judgment of such matters is very handicapped by the lack of our farsighted vision into the true meanings of the circumstances of life.

Often the natural occurrences of the material order appear to be antagonistic to the personal desires of human beings.

It is revealed that much that takes place in the beginnings of evolutionary worlds is rather hard for humans to understand; for natural law is so often indifferent, heartless, and apparently cruel to all that is true, beautiful, and good in human comprehension. But as humanity progresses in planetary development, it is observed by the revelators that the viewpoint of humans will modify by the following factors:

1.)   By augmenting vision — an increasing understanding of the world in which we live; an enlarging capacity for the comprehension of the material facts of time, the meaningful ideas of thought, and the valuable ideals of spiritual insight.

As long as we measure only by the yardstick of the things (of a physical nature), never can we hope to find unity in time and space.

2.)  By increasing control — the gradual accumulation of our knowledge of the laws of the material world, the purposes of spiritual existence, and the possibilities of our philosophic coordination of these two realities.

The savage of primitive humanity is helpless before the onslaughts of natural forces, and slavish before the cruel mastery of their own inner fears. 

Semi-civilized humanity begins to unlock the storehouse of the secrets of the natural realms and science is slowly but effectively destroying its superstitions, while at the same time providing a new and enlarged factual basis for the comprehension of the meanings of philosophy — and the values of true spiritual experience.

Civilized human beings will someday achieve relative mastery of the physical forces of the planet. The love of God in such human hearts will be effectively outpoured as love for fellow human beings; while the values of human existence will be nearing the limits of mortal capacity.

3.)  By universe integration — the increase of human insight plus the increase of human experiential achievement brings such humans into closer harmony with the unifying presences of Supremacy — The Paradise Trinity and the Supreme Being. And this is what establishes the sovereignty of the Supreme on the evolutionary worlds long settled in final evolutionary attainment — the era of “light and “life.”

Planets advanced as these are indeed poems of harmony and pictures of the beauty of achieved goodness — attained through the pursuit of cosmic truth. And as such things can and do happen to an evolving planet, even greater things can and do happen to a system and the larger units of our evolving grand universe; as they (too) achieve a settledness indicating the exhaustion of the potentials for finite growth.

On planets long settled in ‘light and life’-providence has become an actuality; the circumstances of life are correlated. But this is not only because these humans have come to dominate the material problems of their world, it is also because they have begun to live according to the trend of the universes. They are following the pathway of Supremacy — to the attainment of God Himself!

The Kingdom of God is potential in the heart of each and every human being, and when this kingdom becomes actual in the heart of every individual on a world, then God’s rule has become actual on that planet; and this is the attained sovereignty of the Supreme Being!

(The keys of the Kingdom are sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity; and all humans have these keys. And it’s by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions that we use them to advance in personal spirit status.)

The highest moral choice in any sphere, in fact in all of them, is the choice of our highest possible value –to choose to do the Will of God; and it is therefore this choice that constitutes the ‘greatness’ of the human being.

Any ascending personality who knows God and desires to do God’s Will-who has spirit insight — is divinely stable and Eternally existent. Therefore your attainment of this completed spiritual insight enables you (too) — as an ascending personality — to detect the harmony of providence in what was theretofore chaos!

When we pray for providential intervention in the circumstances of life, many times its answer will be our own changed attitudes toward life.

As ascending personalities, to realize providence (in time), we would have to accomplish the (right now) impossible task of achieving Eternal perfection. However we can foretaste this providence (in its Eternal meanings) as we ponder the universe fact that all things — be they good or evil — work together for the advancement of all God knowing mortals in their quest for the attainment of God!

Thus our great universe adventure all consists in the transit of our present mortal mind from the stability of mechanical statics to the divinity of spiritual dynamics; and we can achieve this transformation by the force and constancy of our own personality decisions — in each of our own life’s situations — simply by declaring: Father, “It’s my will that Your Will be Done!”

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