Recognition of Urantia as an Inhabited World

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The revelators did not have to wait long.  At noon, the day after the runaway of the twins, there occurred the initial test flash of the universe circuit signals at the planetary reception-focus of our planet Urantia.  They record that they were, of course, all astir with the realization that a great event was impending; but since this world was a life-experiment station, they had not the slightest idea of just how they would be apprised of the recognition of intelligent life on this planet.  But they were not long in suspense.  On the third day after the elopement of the twins, and before the Life Carrier corps departed, there arrived the Nebadon archangel of initial planetary circuit establishment.

It was an eventful day on Urantia when their small group gathered about the planetary pole of space communication and received the first message from Salvington over the newly established mind circuit of the planet.  And this first message, dictated by the chief of the archangel corps said:

“To the Life Carriers on Urantia – Greetings!  We transmit assurance of great pleasure on Salvington, Edentia, and Jerusem in honor of the registration on the headquarters of Nebadon of the signal of the existence on Urantia of mind of will dignity.  The purposeful decision of the twins to flee northward and segregate their offspring from their inferior ancestors has been noted.  This is the first decision of mind – the human type of mind – on Urantia and automatically establishes the circuit of communication over which this initial message of acknowledgment is transmitting.”

Next over this new circuit came the greetings of the Most Highs of Edentia, containing instructions for the resident Life Carriers forbidding them to interfere with the pattern of life they had established.  They were directed not to intervene in the affairs of human progress.  They note that it should not be inferred that Life Carriers ever arbitrarily and mechanically interfere with the natural outworking of the planetary evolutionary plans, for they do not.  But up to this time they had been permitted to manipulate the environment and shield the life plasm in a special manner, and it was this extraordinary, but wholly natural, supervision that was to be discontinued.

And no sooner had the Most Highs left off speaking than the beautiful message of Lucifer, then sovereign of the Satania system, began to planetize -– to make friendly!  Now the Life Carriers heard the welcome words of their own chief, Lucifer, and received his permission to return to Jerusem.  This message from Lucifer contained the official acceptance of the Life Carriers’ work on Urantia and absolved them from all future criticism of any of their efforts to improve the life patterns of Nebadon as established in the Satania system.

These messages from Salvington, Edentia, and Jerusem formally marked the termination of the Life Carriers’ agelong supervision of this planet.  For ages they had been on duty, and now, “will”, the power of choosing to worship and to ascend, having appeared in the evolutionary creatures of this planet, they realized that their work was finished, and their group prepared to depart.  Urantia being a life-modification world, permission was granted to leave behind two senior Life Carriers with twelve assistants, and the revelator who sponsored this account — a Life Carrier of Nebadon resident on Urantia — was chosen as one of this group and has ever since been here — on Urantia.

It was just 993,408 years ago (from the year A.D. 1934) that our planet Urantia was formally recognized as a planet of human habitation in our local universe of Nebadon.  Biologic evolution had once again achieved the human levels of will dignity; wo/man had arrived on our planet 606 of Satania!

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