Relationships — As Revealed in The Life of Jesus

Paper 120 – The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

120:3:3 (1329.4) As concerns family relationships, give precedence to the accepted customs of family life as you find them established in the day and generation of your bestowal.

Paper 132 – The Sojourn at Rome

132:3:2 (1459.2) Knowledge deals with facts; wisdom, with relationships; truth, with reality values.

Paper 133 – The Return from Rome

133:5:8 (1477.3) And this is a concept of unity which can sense the unchanging background of a living universe of continually changing impersonal relations and evolving personal relationships.

Paper 136 – Baptism and The Forty Days

136:3:2 (1512.6) After his baptism he entered upon the forty days of adjusting himself to the changed relationships of the world and the universe occasioned by the personalization of his Adjuster.

Paper 136 – Baptism and The Forty Days

136:3:3 (1512.7) He now clearly and fully comprehended all these far-flung relationships, and he desired to be away for a season of quiet meditation so that he could think out the plans and decide upon the procedures for the prosecution of his public labors in behalf of this world and for all other worlds in his local universe.

Paper 140 – The Ordination of the Twelve

140:8:14 (1581.1) He exalted family life as the highest human duty but made it plain that family relationships must not interfere with religious obligations.

Paper 141 – Beginning the Public Work

141:7:5 (1593.6) Jesus made it plain that he had come to establish personal and eternal relations with men which should forever take precedence over all other human relationships.

Paper 142 – The Passover at Jerusalem

142:7:6 (1604.1) The relationships of nature and the phenomena of mortal likenesses are bound up in the family: Children inherit certain parental traits.

Paper 142 – The Passover at Jerusalem

142:7:17 (1605.2) Will you not allow me to use the earth family as an illustration of divine relationships without so literally applying my teaching to material affairs? … When I speak the language of the spirit, why do you insist on translating my meaning into the language of the flesh just because I presume to employ commonplace and literal relationships for purposes of illustration?

Paper 143 – Going Through Samaria

143:6:4 (1615.5) And again and again he impressed upon them that love is the greatest relationship in the world—in the universe—just as truth is the greatest pronouncement of the observation of these divine relationships.

Paper 147 – The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem

147:4:8 (1651.2) And then when you attain true philosophic levels of interpretation, when you have real insight into the rightness and wrongness of things, when you perceive the eternal fitness of human relationships, you will begin to view such a problem of interpretation as you would imagine a high-minded, idealistic, wise, and impartial third person would so view and interpret such an injunction as applied to your personal problems of adjustment to your life situations.

Paper 147 – The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem

147:4:9 (1651.3) That is the universe ideal of human relationships.

Paper 148 – Training Evangelists at Bethsaida

148:4:7 (1660.6) You do not understand the relationships of evil and sin because you view mankind as beginning on earth with a perfect Adam and rapidly degenerating, through sin, to man’s present deplorable estate.

Paper 167 – The Visit to Philadelphia

167:5:3 (1838.4) He exalted marriage as the most ideal and highest of all human relationships.

Paper 174 – Tuesday Morning in the Temple

174:1:2 (1898.2) Understanding relationships associated with attitudes of love effectively prevent all those estrangements which later necessitate the readjustment of repentance by the child with forgiveness by the parent.

Paper 177 – Wednesday, the Rest Day

177:2:5 (1922.3) The Master went on to explain to John how a child is wholly dependent on his parents and the associated home life for all his early concepts of everything intellectual, social, moral, and even spiritual since the family represents to the young child all that he can first know of either human or divine relationships. … The child’s subsequent life is made happy or unhappy, easy or difficult, in accordance with his early mental and emotional life, conditioned by these social and spiritual relationships of the home.

Paper 180 – The Farewell Discourse

180:5:6 (1950.1) Still others look upon it as being the positive injunction of a great moral teacher who embodied in this statement the highest concept of moral obligation as regards all fraternal relationships.

Paper 180 – The Farewell Discourse

180:5:10 (1950.5) Love, unselfishness, must undergo a constant and living readaptative interpretation of relationships in accordance with the leading of the Spirit of Truth.

Paper 181 – Final Admonitions and Warnings

181:2:16 (1958.3) In my universe and in my Father’s universe of universes, our brethren-sons are dealt with as individuals in all their spiritual relations, but in all group relationships we unfailingly provide for definite leadership.

Paper 186 – Just Before the Crucifixion

186:5:5 (2002.6) All that the Son of Man said or did on earth greatly embellished the doctrines of sonship with God and of the brotherhood of men, but these essential relationships of God and men are inherent in the universe facts of God’s love for his creatures and the innate mercy of the divine Sons.

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