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Paper 100 – Religion in Human Experience

100:3:4 (1097.1) Values are experiential when realities are meaningful and mentally associated, when such relationships are recognized and appreciated by mind.

Paper 100 – Religion in Human Experience

100:3:5 (1097.2) Values are not conceptual illusions; they are real, but always they depend on the fact of relationships.

Paper 101 – The Real Nature of Religion

101:2:2 (1106.1) Revelation compensates for the absence of the morontia viewpoint by providing a technique for achieving unity in the comprehension of the reality and relationships of matter and spirit by the mediation of mind.

Paper 101 – The Real Nature of Religion

101:5:13 (1111.3) Increasingly in the morontia progression the truths of revealed religion are expanded; more and more you will know the truth of supreme values, divine goodnesses, universal relationships, eternal realities, and ultimate destinies.

Paper 102 – The Foundations of Religious Faith

102:8:3 (1127.7) The difference in the religions of various ages is wholly dependent on the difference in man’s comprehension of reality and on his differing recognition of moral values, ethical relationships, and spirit realities.

Paper 103 – The Reality of Religious Experience

103:6:5 (1135.7) Never, then, can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation.

Paper 103 – The Reality of Religious Experience

103:7:3 (1138.1) God is spirit, but Deity is unity, and the unity of Deity not only embraces the spiritual values of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son but is also cognizant of the energy facts of the Universal Controller and the Isle of Paradise, while these two phases of universal reality are perfectly correlated in the mind relationships of the Conjoint Actor and unified on the finite level in the emerging Deity of the Supreme Being.

Paper 103 – The Reality of Religious Experience

103:7:8 (1138.6) The truth—an understanding of cosmic relationships, universe facts, and spiritual values—can best be had through the ministry of the Spirit of Truth and can best be criticized by revelation.

Paper 103 – The Reality of Religious Experience

103:9:6 (1141.4) Reason introduces man to the world of facts, to things; wisdom introduces him to a world of truth, to relationships; faith initiates him into a world of divinity, spiritual experience.

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