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Intelligent humans know that they are a child of nature, a part of the material universe; they, likewise discern no survival of individual personality in the motions and tensions of the mathematical level of the energy universe. Nor can humans ever discern spiritual reality through the examination of physical causes and effects.

Mankind can never discover divinity except through the avenue of religious experience and by the exercise of true faith.  The faith acceptance of the truth of God enables humans to escape from the circumscribed confines of material limitations and affords them a rational hope of achieving safe conduct from the material realm — whereon is death, to the spiritual realm — wherein is life eternal.

The purpose of religion is not to satisfy curiosity about God but rather to afford intellectual constancy and philosophic security, to stabilize and enrich human living by blending the mortal with the divine, the partial with the perfect — human and God.  It is through religious experience that a human’s concepts of ideality are endowed with reality.

Never can there be either scientific or logical proofs of divinity. Reason alone can never validate the values and good- nesses of religious experience.  But it will always remain true: Whosoever wills to do the will of God shall comprehend the validity of spiritual values.  This is the nearest approach that can be made on the human level to offering proofs of the reality of religious experience. Such faith affords the only escape from the mechanical clutch of the material world and from the error distortion of the incompleteness of the intellectual world. It is the only discovered solution to the impasse in human thinking regarding the continuing survival of the individual personality. It is the only passport to completion of reality and to eternity of life in a universal creation of love, law, unity, and progressive Deity attainment.

Religion effectually cures a person’s sense of idealistic isolation or spiritual loneliness; it enfranchises the believer as a child of God, a citizen of a new and meaningful universe. Religion assures a person that, in following the gleam of righteousness discernible in [their] soul, they are thereby identifying their self with the plan of an Infinite God and His Eternal purpose. Such a liberated soul immediately begins to feel at home in the universe — their universe!

When you experience such a transformation of faith, you are no longer a slavish part of the mathematical cosmos but rather a liberated volitional child of the Universal Father of all. No longer are you a liberated child fighting alone against the inexorable doom of the termination of this temporal existence; no longer do you combat all nature, with the odds hopelessly against you; no longer are you staggered by the paralyzing fear that, perchance, you have put your trust in a hopeless phantasm or pinned your faith to a fanciful error.

Now, rather, are you and all the children of God enlisted together in fighting the battle of reality’s triumph over the partial shadows of existence. At last all creatures become conscious of the fact that God and all the divine hosts of a well- nigh limitless universe are on the· same side in the supernal struggle to attain eternity of life and divinity of status.  Such faith-liberated creatures have certainly enlisted in the struggles of time on the side of the supreme forces and divine personalities of eternity.  At last we all gaze upon the universe from within, from God’s viewpoint, and all is transformed from the uncertainties of material isolation to the sureties of eternal spiritual progression.

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