Resurrection: Reassembling the Personality of You!

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Reassembling your personality is the cosmic situation that makes possible the re-personalization of you!

The cessation of life destroys the physical brain patterns required for the continued endowment of mind; and such disruption of mind terminates the mortal consciousness of you. And your consciousness cannot reappear until a cosmic situation has been arranged which permits your personality to return — to (again) function in relationship with the living energy of you!

Upon death, personality is temporarily lost to the indwelling Being-but not Identity! The morontial soul temporarily loses identity — but not personality; and it is at the ‘resurrectionwhere they both reunite to re-personalize you!

It is the re-uniting of the spirit-mind trust of the indwelling Spirit Being and the morontial soul trust of the guardian angel that reassembles creature personality to thereby constitute the resurrection of you!

Properly called the “Temple of New Life,” seven radial wings extend from the enormous central structure called — the (bright light) resurrection hall. Having 100,000 personal resurrection chambers each, all seven wings terminate in the circular “class assembly halls” — which themselves serve as the morontia awakening chamber for as many as one million individuals.

Also in this gigantic temple of personality assembly is found the central rendezvous of the seraphic guardian angels, the indwelling Spirit Beings, and the archangels of the resurrection; and the Life Carriers additionally function with these celestial beings. And it is thus in this massive hall — with these celestial beings (and their assistants} — that the re-assembly of a “one-time” human personality involves:

1.) The fabrication of a suitable life-form — a morontia energy pattern-in which a new survivor can make contact with non-spiritual reality; and within which the morontia variant of the cosmic mind can be encircuited. (No longer will the mind we possess be dependent upon the seven adjutant mind-spirits. For our new morontia mind will and must evolve by direct contact with God’s cosmic mind — as modified and translated by our local universe Nebadon.)

2.) The return of the indwelling Spirit Being to the now awaiting morontia creature. (Being the Eternal custodian of your Identity, the indwellng Spirit Being is your absolute insurance that you yourself, and not someone else, will occupy the morontia form created specifically for personality awakening; there to once more take up Its role as the indwelling Paradise guide, of your surviving ‘self!’)

3.) These two pre-requisites of re-personalization assembled, (the guardian angel) the seraphic custodian of the potentialities of its slumbering soul (with numerous other assisting personalities) bestow such morontia entity, upon and in, the awaiting morontia mind-body — all while committing such child of evolution (the real you) to an Eternal association with the indwelling Spirit Being.

It is thus this re-assembly of memory, insight, and consciousness that concludes the re-personalization of the Identity of you! And upon this, your ‘morontia awakening ‘ — your personality (right then) returns too!

Seizure of the encircuited morontia phase of the newly segregated cosmic mind by the awakening morontia self — is the consisting fact of repersonalization!

And as for those souls meeting the eternal fate of extermination (i.e. irrevocably choosing not to take the Paradise career), the indwelling Spirit Being never returns (being otherwise assigned), therefore the morontial soul never reconsciousizes. You thus becoming — Eternally no more!

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