Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

The guardian angels, are seraphim devoted to the ministry to individual mortals, for whose elevation and perfection all of the vast survival scheme of spiritual progression has been provided. In past ages on Urantia, these destiny guardians were about the only group of angels that had recognition.

The planetary seraphim are indeed ministering spirits sent forth to do service for those mortals of us who shall survive. These attending seraphim have functioned as the spiritual helpers of mortal individuals in all the great events of the past and the present. In many a revelation “the word was spoken by angels”; many of the mandates of heaven have been “received by the ministry of angels.”

Seraphim are the traditional angels of heaven; they are the ministering spirits who live so near us and do so much for us. They have ministered here on Urantia since the earliest times of human intelligence.

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