Seraphic Ministry to Mortals


Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind; they do not manipulate the will of mortals; neither do they directly contact with the indwelling Adjusters. The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have the power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing.

Angels are so near us and care so feelingly for us that they figuratively “weep because of your willful intolerance and stubbornness.”  Seraphim do not shed physical tears; they do not have physical bodies; neither do they possess wings. But they do have spiritual emotions, and they do experience feelings and sentiments of a spiritual nature which are in certain ways comparable to our human emotions.

The seraphim act in our behalf quite independent of our direct appeals; they are executing the mandates of their superiors and thus they function regardless of our passing whims or changing moods. This does not imply that we may not make their tasks either easier or more difficult, but rather that angels are not directly concerned with our appeals or with our prayers.

In the life of the flesh the intelligence of angels is not directly available to mortal human beings. They are not overlords or directors; they are simply guardians. The seraphim guard you; they do not seek directly to influence you; you must chart your own course, but these angels then act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen. They do not (ordinarily) arbitrarily intervene in the routine affairs of human life. But when they receive instructions from their superiors to perform some unusual exploit, we may rest assured that these guardians will find some means of carrying out these mandates. They do not, therefore, intrude into the picture of human drama except in emergencies and then usually on direct orders of their superiors. They are the beings who are going to follow us for many an age, and they are thus receiving an introduction to their future work and personality association.

Seraphim are able to function as material ministers to human beings under certain circumstances, but their action in this capacity is very rare. They are able, with the assistance of the midway creatures and the physical controllers, to function in a wide range of activities in behalf of human beings, even to make actual contact with humanity, but such occurrences are very unusual. In most instances, the circumstances of the material realm proceed unaltered by seraphic action, although occasions have arisen, involving jeopardy to vital links in the chain of human evolution, in which seraphic guardians have acted, and properly, on their own initiative.

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