Seraphim and Our Ascendant Career

It is indeed an epoch in the career of an ascending mortal, this first awakening on the shores of the morontia world; there, for the first time, actually to see our long-loved and ever-present angelic companions of these, our earth days; there also to become truly conscious of the identity and presence of the divine Monitor who so long now indwells our mortal mind on earth. Such an experience constitutes a glorious awakening, a real resurrection.

On the morontia spheres the attending seraphim (there are two of them) will be each of our open companions. These angels not only will consort with you as you progress through the career of the transition worlds, in every way possible assisting you in your acquirement of morontia and spirit status, but they also avail themselves of the opportunity to advance by study in the extension schools for evolutionary seraphim maintained on the morontia worlds.

Our human race was created just a little lower than the more simple types of the angelic orders. Therefore, will our first assignment of the morontia life be as assistants to the seraphim in the immediate work awaiting at the time we each attain personality consciousness subsequent to our individual liberation from the bonds of the flesh.

Mortal and angel may or may not be reunited in eternal service, but wherever seraphic assignment may take them, the seraphim are always in communication with us as individuals, their former wards of the evolutionary worlds. The intimate associations and the affectionate attachments of the realms of human origin are never forgotten nor ever completely served. In the eternal ages mortals and angels will co-operate in the divine service as they did in this, our career of time.

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