Serve, Learn, and Teach

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Whereas Life is basically the response of personality to the total of creation-‘service is the total essence of all Life! 

God (by choice) eternally lives a purely mental and moral existence–the acme of even your progressive intelligent life! Though such living necessitates the inevitability of delegation, God still­ perfectly serves and responds to all. Created “in His Image” and delegated His child-you (too) shall evolve to Eternally ‘Be!’

If you so chose, you (right now) are being spiritually trained to perfectly serve and respond to ‘all things and all beings;’ and this is your truest religion — for it’s exclusively an ‘individual’ experience between you and God!

‘Service is the means to the end of providing to you the opportunity to seek, discover, and progressively attain the very ultimate of you; for it is your opportunity to ‘Be‘ — the perfected Spirit Person personality of the (right now) indwelling ‘God-Identity’ of you!

As mortals, we are the last link in a long chain of divine personalities which spring from God-to Eternally serve Him. It is thus only us and Him-we can truly ‘serve.’ And it is in this arena where our spiritual growth occurs-and the growth of the living cosmos is enhanced.

The rule governing all spiritual training is learn and teach; for it underlies the ensuing experience of the perfection of your indwelling Spirit Being seeking to minister and aid the imperfection of you-as the imperfection of you seeks to know and ‘Be’ — the perfection of your (right now) indwelling Spirit Being!

In God, as perfection seeks to learn how best to minister and aid imperfection, so too must it teach the knowledge to ‘Be’ perfection; and as imperfection seeks to learn how best to know and ‘Be’ perfection, so too must it teach the ‘life-experience’ of ‘Be’ing imperfection. Thus the better you can learn the technique of willing yourself to respond (as God)-to your sphere of existence (in God), the better you can teach-in service to all-the wisdom of your experiences.

The degree the perfection of your indwelling Spirit Being ‘existentially’ learns how best to teach and aid the imperfection of you, and as the imperfection of you ‘experientially’ learns how best to know and ‘Be’ the perfection of the ‘God-identity’ (right now) indwelling you-is the exact degree the Infinite inherent potential of you has attained the Eternal I AM actualization of Him!

And whenever and wherever it is that God shall Will the all or any of your (right now) indwelling God-identity to perfectly serve and respond (as Him), to the all or any of the total of creation (in Him), it shall ‘Be’ (you), your (His) inherent potential, that God shall Will to ‘Be’ a Self-revealed I  AM actualization  of Him!

Remember, it is God (through your indwelling Spirit Being) Who is Eternally Self-revealing the I AM actualization of His Infinite inherent potential in you. Therefore His Will to serve and respond to all-must become the Eternal will of you, for all your other intentions have no means to survive an eternity-anyway!

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