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Personality is changeless, but it eternally evolves in function, almost to an infinity of living, in its ability to respond and be [within the sphere of its own inherent potential] as God would be!

So the true meaning of life is basically the response of your personality to the total of all creation. It is literally you, personality responding to all of the other than you! For it is your personality’s intended perfecting to perfected expression response [as God], to your anywhere sphere of existence [in God], that is the ultimate attainment of your eternal life and infinite joy!

It is always your evolving eternal God-like response, to your almost infinitely increasing anywhere sphere of existence, that is the eternal value of you! And all opportunities afford you the opportunity to respond as God; but the relevance of any opportunity is only extended to that point where you, actually responding as God-is potential in you!

It is thus your personality’s power of choice that determines the life-experiencing opportunities for you to respond as God would as you-to the total of all creation.  As it is also these same choices that serve as the means to the end of evolving the pre-planned eternal pre-destination of you!

In God, “all things come to pass!” Even now, here on earth, you have come to seek, discover, and begin to be, that which you were pre-planned and pre-destined to function to be; only to pass to your next life-experience(s} — until perfection do you meet!

Foreclosing — wealth, power, beauty, race, social position, nationality, religion, political affiliation, intelligence, etc. — none of these passing experiences will give an eternal value to you! It is only your God-like response to these passing “things” that gives an eternal value to you!

Thus in responding, look to make your responses:

  1. Spiritually GOOD!
  2. Mentally TRUE; and
  3. PHYSICALLY (harmoniously) BEAUTIFUL!

Whereas always will your personality make the sum total of your response PERSONAL!

Always bear in mind: God already has willfully willed to actualize the function of (His) your inherent potential through the unique personality of you! He now only awaits your decision-choice for Him to do so. Thus, “Not my will, but Thy Will be Done” is the ultimate decision-choice of your personality. But it is 100% commitment that He seeks!

This is why doing what you truly love to do is discovering the inherent potential God has already given to you. It is His love that He seeks to express through you; which is,  by the way, what guarantees the Eternal life of you — too!

God gives to you Eternal life, as He also gave you this, your mortal life too!

However, after being given one true opportunity to decide, you do irrevocably choose not to live an Eternal life of God Self-revealing the I AM personality actualization of (His) your inherent potential, you simply have no further eternal value in His infinity of all. Thus, upon death, you simply will come to eternally ‘Be’ no more. It is your decision!

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