Social Repercussions of Prayer

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1.  Prayer need not be individual; group or congregational praying is very effective in that it is highly socializing in it’s repercussions.

2.  When a group engages in community prayer for moral enhancement and spiritual uplift, such devotions are reactive upon the individuals composing the group; they are all made better because of participation; even a whole city or an entire nation can be helped by such prayer devotions.

3.  Social repercussions of such prayers are however dependent largely on two conditions:

      a.) The person who is prayed for should know that they are being prayed for;

      b.) The person who prays should come into intimate social contact with the person for whom they are praying.

4.  And if you truly desire to overcome the habit of criticizing some friend, the quickest and surest way of achieving such a change of attitude is to establish the habit of praying for that person every day of your life.

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