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Mortals perceive mind on the finite, cosmic, material, and personal levels. Humans also observe mind phenomena in living organisms functioning on the subpersonal (animal) level, but it is difficult for mortals to grasp the nature of mind when associated with supermaterial beings and as a part of exclusive spirit personalities. Mind must, however, be differently defined when it refers to the spirit level of existence, and when it is used to denote spirit functions of intelligence. That kind of mind which is directly allied with spirit is comparable neither to that mind which co-ordinates spirit and matter nor to that mind which is allied only with matter. The Eternal Son is spirit and has mind, but not a mind or a spirit which mortals can comprehend.

Spirit is ever conscious, minded, and possessed of varied phases of identity. Without mind in some phase there would be no spiritual consciousness in the fraternity of spirit beings. The equivalent of mind, the ability to know and be known, is indigenous to Deity. Deity may be personal, prepersonal, superpersonal, or impersonal, but Deity is never mindless, that is, never without the ability at least to communicate with similar entities, beings, or personalities.

The mind of the Eternal Son is like that of the Father but unlike any other mind in the universe, and with the mind of the Father, it is ancestor to the diverse and far-flung minds of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. And these minds of the Father and the Son, intellect which is ancestral to the absolute mind of the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit, is perhaps best illustrated in the premind of a Thought Adjuster, for, though these Father fragments are entirely outside the mind circuits of the Conjoint Actor, they do have some form of premind; they know as they are known; they do enjoy the equivalent of human thinking.

The Eternal Son is wholly spiritual, we mortals are very nearly entirely material; therefore, much pertaining to the spirit personality of the Eternal Son will have to wait our attainment of spirit status following our completion of the morontia (immortal) ascension of our local universe career, which begins upon our resurrection from mortal death.

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