Spiritual Ambassadorship

1. In your mind separate the spiritual realities of the kingdom from the material, social, economic, and political problems of the age.

2. Cease to apply the teachings of the kingdom of the spirit to the sordid affairs of slavery, poverty, houses, and land, and to the material problems of human equity and justice.

3. These temporal matters are the concern of the men of this world, and while in a way they affect all men, as children of God, you are spiritual ambassadors of a spiritual kingdom, special representatives of the spirit Father.

4. As spiritual ambassadors concern yourselves with spirit realities of serving God’s will: unselfish love and social service, and promulgating divine truths.

5. It is not the will of the Father that you should yield to the temptation to teach the rules of government, trade, or social behavior, which, while they might be good for today, would be far from suitable for the society of another age.

6. “The children of this world fight for the establishment and enlargement of the kingdom of this world, but my disciples shall enter the kingdom of heaven by their moral decisions and by their spirit victories; and when they once enter therein, they shall find joy, righteousness, and eternal life.”

7. Know this eternal truth: “If you, by truth coordination, learn to exemplify in your life [the] beautiful wholeness of righteousness, your fellow men will then seek after you that they may gain what you have so acquired.”

8. For the measure wherewith truth seekers are drawn to you represents the measure of your truth endowment, your righteousness.

9. “The extent to which you have to go with your message to the people is, in a way, the measure of failure to live the whole or righteous life, the truth-coordinated life.”

10. “Remember that the kingdom is not to come with noise and glamor, but rather must it come through the great change which my Father will have wrought in your heart and in the hearts of those who shall be called to join you in the councils of the kingdom.”

11. “Until then, spend time in study and preparation for your future work. Be patient, be gentle. Be ever obedient to the Father’s will.  Make yourselves ready for [your] call of the kingdom.”

12. Prepare to suffer the difficulties and persecutions attendant upon the mission of proclaiming a better way of salvation to mortals while you [too] realize the satisfaction of discovering for yourself the beauties of the realities of a living and personal experience in the eternal truths and supreme grandeurs of the kingdom of heaven.

13. When you are blessed with spiritual vision, go forth to your work, dedicating your life to the cause of leading mankind to search for God and to seek eternal realities with the eye of spiritual faith and not with the eyes of the material mind.

14. By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to believe the truth that man is a son of God, and that all men are brothers.

15. When you are tempted to doubt the sureness of your bread, consider the ravens; they sow not neither reap, they have no storehouses or barns, and yet the Father provides food for every one of them that seeks it; besides, all of your anxiety or fretting doubts can do nothing to supply your material needs.

16. “Which of you by anxiety can add a handbreadth to your life?  Since such matters are not in your hands, why do you give anxious thought to any of these problems?”

17. “Devote yourself to your work, believing that God knows that you have need of all these things;” that if you dedicate your life to the work of the kingdom, all your real needs shall be supplied.

18. Remember, the work of the kingdom is concerned with the important task of winning lasting spiritual converts for the truly religious brotherhood of mankind.

19. Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included; the shadow is certain to follow the substance.

20. Also remember: “The harvest is indeed plenteous, but the laborers are few; therefore I exhort all of you to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send still other laborers into this harvest.

21. It is our mission to help our fellow mortals solve their spiritual problems and in this way to quicken their minds so that they may be the better prepared and inspired to go about solving their manifold material problems.

22. “No longer be concerned with what you may obtain from the kingdom but rather be exercised about what you can give to those who live in dire spiritual poverty.”

23. “Gird yourself for the battle of a new day, the struggle with spiritual darkness and the evil doubting of the natural minds of men.”

24. Know that the service of the kingdom on earth will call for all the courageous human-hood that you and your co-workers can muster.

25. If you would learn to work with your brethren, you might accomplish more permanent things, but if you find yourself going off in quest of those who think as you do, in that event dedicate your life to proving that the God-knowing believer can become a kingdom builder even when alone in the world and wholly isolated from his fellow believers.

26. There will come those supreme moments wherein some believers will not hesitate to lay down their lives for this gospel, but in all ordinary circumstances it would be far better to placate the wrath of unbelievers that you might live and continue to tell all the glad tidings.

27. As far as lies in your power, live long on the earth that your life of many years may be fruitful in souls won for the heavenly kingdom.

28. Go on with your work on earth to the end, and then shall you continue this ministry in the eternal kingdom, for there are “other sheep (out there) not of this flock.”

29. Exclusively devote yourself to the spiritual regeneration of all humanity; and then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world.

30. Never allow a change in your outward work to influence your allegiance; “never forget that, when you are a faith son of God, all upright work of the realm is sacred; nothing which a son of God does can be common.”

31. Do your work, therefore, from this time on, as for God; and when you are through on this world, think not that God has other and better worlds where you shall likewise work for Him; and in all this work, on this world and on other worlds, God will work with you, and through you, for His spirit dwells within you.

32. Peace on earth will not come until all are willing to believe and enter into their glorious inheritance of son-ship with God; nevertheless go into all the world proclaiming this gospel to all nations, to every man, woman, and child.

33. Go forth to all the world proclaiming the good news – the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all humankind; serve your fellow human beings; forgive and love them too!

34. Those who fight with the sword perish with the sword, while they who labor in the spirit achieve life everlasting in the kingdom to come with joy and peace in the kingdom which now is.

35. Seekers after truth do not have to wait for rewards in a distant future; they are rewarded now; they find the kingdom of heaven within their own hearts, and they experience such happiness now.

36. As for the kingdom to come, you shall really see the kingdom you have longed for – but not in this life!

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