Table of Contents – Holy Jesus Book

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Worship and Prayer

  1. No Prayer is Unanswered
  2. True Praying
  3. The Motive of Prayer
  4. Prayers are Answered
  5. Conditions of Effective Prayer
  6. Prayer and The Alter Ego
  7. Praying as a Personal Experience
  8. Social Repercussions of Prayer
  9. Ethical Praying
  10. Prayer Petitions
  11. Prayer Persistence
  12. Prayer Changes You
  13. Worship
  14. Worship and Prayer

The One God

  1. There is But One God
  2. God is Our Father
  3. The Supreme Mandate
  4. The Father’s Name
  5. God’s Personality
  6. God is Personality
  7. God’s Plans and Purposes
  8. Fellowship with God

God is All!

  1. God is Great
  2. God is Perfect
  3. God Knows All!
  4. God is All-Powerful
  5. God is Everywhere
  6. God is Good!
  7. God is Our Father
  8. The Existence of God
  9. God is All!

God in You!

  1. The Indwelling Spirit
  2. The Existence of God
  3. The Fruits of the Spirit
  4. God and Man’s Will
  5. God Loves You!
  6. Love God (too)!

You in God!

  1. You!
  2. The Human Mind
  3. The Human Will
  4. Personality
  5. The Soul
  6. Human Survival
  7. Resurrection
  8. Angels


  1. Good vs. Evil
  2. Evil, Sin, and Iniquity
  3. Sin and Error
  4. The Futility of Evil
  5. Forgiving Sin
  6. God Loves the Sinner
  7. Evil Heart
  8. Forgive Too!
  9. Justice and Mercy
  10. God is Righteous
  11. God does Not Afflict
  12. Salvation by Faith

Spirit Realities

  1. Life
  2. Cosmic Mind
  3. Human Consciousness Reality
  4. Mortal Mind Indwellers
  5. Nature of The Soul
  6. The Evolving Soul
  7. Human Personality
  8. Morals, Virtue, and Personality
  9. The Arena of Choice
  10. The Inner Life
  11. The Consecration of Choice
  12. The Human Paradox
  13. The Survival of Self

The Indwelling Spirit Beings

  1. Their Nature
  2. Origin
  3. Mission
  4. They Recreate You!
  5. The Indwellers and Human Will
  6. Erroneous Concepts and Spirit Guidance
  7. The Indwelling Spirit’s Problem
  8. Cooperating with The Indwelling Spirit Being

Living as You!

  1. The Total Essence of Life
  2. Self
  3. Self-Mastery
  4. Freedom of Choice
  5. Successful Living
  6. Failure
  7. Diversion and Relaxation
  8. Anger and Fear
  9. Courage

Mature Living

  1. The Balance of Maturity
  2. Friendship
  3. Social Maturity
  4. Well-balanced Characters
  5. Personality Isolation
  6. Lead Not into Temptation
  7. Spiritual Character
  8. Worshipful Meditation

 You Living

  1. Human Living
  2. Our Goal
  3. Happiness
  4. Work
  5. Wealth
  6. Laws of Living
  7. Philosophy of Living
  8. Searching for God

Family Living

  1. The Family
  2. The Sexes
  3. Husband and Wife
  4. Marriage
  5. Monogamy
  6. Married with Children
  7. Parenting
  8. Fatherly Love

Religious Living

  1. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
  2. Human Religion
  3. Morality
  4. Personal Religious Experience
  5. Spiritual Unity
  6. True Religion
  7. Religious Living
  8. Religious Authority
  9. Revealed Religions
  10. Religion of the Spirit
  11. Your Religion

Spiritual Living

  1. The Kingdom of Heaven
  2. Kingdom Entrance
  3. Individual Believers
  4. Kingdom Family
  5. Progressive Righteousness (or Doing God’s Will)
  6. Kingdom Wealth
  7. Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom
  8. Love and Truth
  9. Kingdom Believers
  10. The Lost Sheep
  11. Kingdom Builders
  12. Spirit Duty
  13. As the Days Pass
  14. Greatest in the Kingdom
  15. Spiritual Ambassadorship
  16. Promulgating Divine Truths

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Table of Contents – Religion as Expanded by Revelation

What Must I Do to be Saved?


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Douglas Mayberry is a brilliant researcher of the highly complex, written in the highest human language (1924-35) recent revelations to our planet; which have now been fully litigated by the American federal court system to be in the public domain.  For over 35 years he engaged extensive, persistent, and intensive research into the claims, primarily because he just wanted to know. Discovering eternal truths can actually be ‘lived’, through his own direct experience, as to his increasingly number of probing inquiries, he furthered his research to actually be able to ‘live’ the validity of the progressive answers being revealed, finding them to be quite true; leaving him to live a far more peaceful, comfortable, purposefully enjoyable spiritual life, while living here on earth as a human being. Excited! and wanting to spread the message, it however soon became very apparent that the revelations as compiled were just too complex to simply give a full understanding.  So it was for a period spanning over 15 years that he came to analyze, categorize, and organize ‘down-stepped’ subject-related compilations for better study and review.  Enjoy!

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