Table of Contents – Jesus, His Life as the Son of God!


1.The Supreme Mandate

2.Spiritual Value of the Personality Concept


1.The Infinity of God

2.Our Father’s Eternal Perfection

3.Justice and Righteousness

4.The Divine Mercy

5.The Love of God

6.The Goodness of God


1.God’s Everywhereness

2.God’s Infinite Power

3.God’s Universal Knowledge

4.God’s Limitlessness

5.Our Father’s Supreme Rule

6.The Father’s Primacy



1.John Becomes a Nazarite

2.The Death of Zacharias

3.The Life of a Shepherd

4.The Death of Elizabeth

5.The Kingdom of God

6.John Begins to Preach

7.John Journeys North

8.Meeting of Jesus and John Baptism of Jesus

9.Forty Days of Preaching

10.John Journeys South

11.John in Prison

12.Death of John the Baptist


1.Concepts of the Expected Messiah

2.The Baptism of Jesus

3.The Forty Days

Conference with Gabriel

Completion of Universe Sovereignty

4.The Incarnation—Making Two One

5.Plans for Public Work

The Father’s Way

6.The First Great Decision

Personalized Adjuster in Command

Insensitivity of Adjuster to Time

7.The Second Decision

The path of normal earthly existence

8.The Third Decision

Obedience to natural law

9.The Fourth Decision

Refusal to compromise with evil

10.The Fifth Decision

Rejection of David’s throne

11.The Sixth Decision

“I will be subject to the will of my Father.”

Tarrying Time in Galilee

1.Choosing the First Four Apostles

Andrew and Peter

James and John

2.Choosing Philip and Nathaniel

3.The Visit to Capernaum

4.The Wedding at Cana

5.Back in Capernaum

6.The Events of a Sabbath Day

7.Four Months of Training

8.Sermon on the Kingdom

Training the Kingdom Instructors

1.Final Instructions

2.Choosing the Six

3.The Call of Matthew and Simon

Not the righteous but sinners.

4.The Call of the Twins

5.The Call of Thomas and Judas

6.The Week of Intensive Training

7.Another Disappointment

8.First Work of the Twelve

9.Five Months of Testing

10.Organization of the Twelve

The Twelve Apostles

1.Andrew, the First Chosen

2.Simon Peter

3.James Zebedee

4.John Zebedee

5.Philip the Curious

6.Honest Nathaniel

7.Matthew Levi

8.Thomas Didymus

9.and 10. James and Judas Alpheus

11.Simon the Zealot

12.Judas Iscariot

The Ordination of the Twelve

1.Preliminary Instruction

2.The Ordination

3.The Ordination Sermon

The “Sermon on the Mount”

4.You are the Salt of the Earth

5.Fatherly and Brotherly Love

Happy are the poor in spirit – The humble

Happy are they who hunger and thirst for


Happy are the meek

Happy are the pure in heart

Happy are they who mourn

Happy are the merciful

Happy are the peacemakers

Happy are they who are persecuted

6.The Evening of the Ordination

“I look beyond the act …”

Concerning divorcement

Justice and Mercy

“They do well – trouble them not.”

7.The Week Following the Ordination

8.Thursday Afternoon on the Lake

(1) Doing the Father’s Will

(2) Political attitude

(3) Social attitude

(4) Economic attitude

(5) Personal Religion

9.The Day of Consecration

10.The Evening After the Consecration

Beginning the Public Work

1.Leaving Galilee

2.God’s Law and the Father’s Will

3.The Sojourn at Amathus

Jesus’ personality

Jesus’ appearance

4.Teaching about the Father

Minister the Sick

5.Spiritual Unity

6.Last Week at Amathus

Teherma the Persian

7.At Bethany Beyond Jordan

Teaching about the kingdom

Salvation by faith; liberty through truth

8.Working in Jericho

9.Departing for Jerusalem

The Passover at Jeruselem

    Visit to Annas

1.Teaching in the Temple

2.God’s Wrath

Jacob of Crete

3.The Concept of God

Six Hebrew concepts of God

The earlier ten commandments

4.Flavius and Greek Culture

5.Discourse on Assurance

6.The Visit with Nicodemus

7.The Lesson on the Family

8.In Southern Judea

9.The camp in Gethsemane Park

Going through Samaria

1.Preaching at Archelais

“They made light of our message.”

“Do you resemble weaklings?”

2.Lesson on Self-Mastery

3.Diversion and Relaxation

Three days on Mount Sartaba

4.The Jews and the Samaritans

5.The Woman of Sychar

6.The Samaritan Revival

In camp on Mount Gerizim

7.Teachings about Prayer and Worship

At Gilboa and in the Decapolis

1.The Gilboa Encampment

2.The Discourse on Prayer

3.The Believer’s Prayer

4.More About Prayer

5.Other Forms of Prayer

Seven prayers from other worlds

6.Conference with John’s Apostles

7.In the Decapolis Cities

8.In Camp Near Pella

“… tell John that he is not forgotten.”

9.Death of John the Baptist

Four Eventful Days at Capernaum

  Visit with Ruth

1.The Draught of Fishes

2.Afternoon at the Synagogue

Religion is a personal experience

The Young epileptic

Peter’s wife mother

3.The Healing at Sundown

4.The Evening After

5.Early Sunday Morning

First Preaching tour at Galilee

1.Preaching at Rimmon

2.At Jotapata

Prayer, thanksgiving, and worship

Justice and mercy

Prayer and personal effort

Ethical prayer

3.The Stop at Ramah

Religion, science, and philosophy

The assurance of truth

The visit at Zebulun

4.The Gospel at Iron

Work in the mines

Healing the leprous man

5.Back in Cana

Titus the nobleman

6.Nain and the Widow’s Son

7.At Endor

The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem

1.The Centurion’s Servant

2.The Journey to Jerusalem

Separation from John’s apostles

3.At the Pool of Bethesda

4.The Rule of Living

Nathaniel’s question about the golden rule

5.Visiting Simon the Pharisee

Parable of the moneylender

Status and progress

6.Returning to Capernaum

The six spies

“The Sabbath was made for man…”

7.Back in Capernaum

8.The Feast of Spiritual Goodness

Training Evangelists at Bethsaida

1.A New School of the Prophets

2.The Bethsaida Hospital

3.The Father’s Business

4.Evil, Sin, and Iniquity

5.The Purpose of Affliction

6.The Misunderstanding of Suffering —

Discourse on Job

7.The Man with the Withered Hand

8.Last Week at Bethsaida

Kirmeth of Bagdad

9.Healing the Paralytic

Baptism of three of the spies

Second Preaching Tour

   David’s intelligence organization

  1. The Widespread Fame of Jesus

The healing phenomena

2. Attitude of the People

Two mistakes of early Christianity

Jesus’ fame as a healer

His recognition of the equality of women

Charm of his personality

3. Hostility of the Religious Leader

4. Progress of the Preaching Tour

Comments on anger

Concerning well-balanced characters

5. Lesson Regarding Contentment

6. The “Fear of the Lord”

7. Returning to Bethsaida

The Third Preaching Tour

  1. The Women’s Evangelistic Corps

2. The Stop at Magdala

3. Sabbath at Tiberias

Discourse on “Magic and Superstition”

4. Sending the Apostles Out Two and Two

5. What Must I Do to be Saved

6. The Evening Lessons

7. The Sojourn at Nazareth

8. The Sabbath Service

9. The Nazareth Rejection

Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside

1. The Parable of the Sower

2. Interpretation of the Parable

3. More About Parables

4. More Parables by the Sea

5. The Visit to Kheresa

The storm on the lake

6. The Kheresa Lunatic

Events leading up to Capernaum Crisis

    Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi

1.At Jalrus’s House

2.Feeding the Five Thousand

3.The King—Making Episode

4.Simon Peter’s Night Vision

5.Back in Bethsaida

6.At Gennesaret

More about the parable of the sower

7.At Jerusalem

The Crisis at Capernaum

1.The Setting of the Stage

2.The Epochal Sermon

“I am the bread of life.”

3.The After Meeting

4.Last Words in the Synagogue

The boy possessed by the evil spirit

5.The Saturday Evening

Desertion of the halfhearted followers

Last Days at Capernaum

1.A Week of Counsel

2.A Week of Rest

Closing of the synagogues

3.The Second Tiber las Conference

4.Saturday Night in Capernaum

“What shall we do with Jesus?”

5.The Eventful Sunday Morning

6.Jesus’ Family Arrives

7.The Hasty Flight

Fleeing through Northern Galilee

1.Why Do the Heathen Rage?

2.The Evangelists in Chorazin

3.At Caesarea—Philippi

Truth and creed

Origin of religious traditions

4.On the Way to Phoenicia

5.The Discourse on True Religion

6.The Second Discourse on Religion

The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon

1.The Syrian Woman

2.Teaching in Sidon

“This world is only a bridge …”

3.The Journey Up the Coast

4.At Tyre

5.Jesus’ Teaching at Tyre

Parable of the foolish carpenter

Temptation and human nature

The essentials of material success

Spiritual living and self-respect

Ideals and ideas

Tact, charm, and wisdom

6.The Return from Phoenicia

Attitude of the Jewish leaders

At Caesarea-Philippi

    Jesus Attempts to See His family

1.The Temple—Tax Collector

“The fish with a shekel in his mouth.

2.At Bethsaida—Julias

3.Peter’s Confession

“Who do men say that I am?”

4.The Talk About the Kingdom

5.The New Concept

6.The Next Afternoon

The four stages of Jesus’ life

New authoritative pronouncements

7.Andrew’s Conference

The Mount of Transfiguration


2.Coming Down the Mountain

3.Meaning of the Transfiguration

4.The Epileptic Boy

James of Safed

5.Jesus Heals the Boy

“Lord I believe … help my unbelief.”

6.In Celsus’ Garden

7.Peter’s Protest

8.At Peter’s House

The Decapolis Tour

1.The Sermon on Forgiveness

“How often shall my brother sin against me?”

Parable of the reckoning with the stewards

Dangers of personal judgment

2.The Strange Preacher

3.Instruction for Teachers and Believers

4.The Talk with Nathaniel

“What is the truth about Scriptures?

5.The Positive Nature of Jesus’ Religion

“… carry the pack a second mile.”

6.The Return to Magadan

Rodan of Alexandria

1.Rodan’s Greek Philosophy

The three drives of life

Problem solving and worshipful meditation

Prejudice and the recognition of truth

2.The Art of Living

Socializing value of friendship

The great value of marriage

3.The Lures of Maturity

4.The Balance of Maturity

Essentials of temporal life

Factors of material success

The meaning of failure

5.The Religion of the Ideal

What is religion?

The idea of God and the ideal of God

The Father is the final value

“But are we willing to pay the price …”

Further Discussions with Rodan

1.The Personality of God

Nathaniel’s five points

2.The Divine Nature of Jesus

Discourse by Nathaniel and Thomas

3.Jesus’ Human and Divine Minds

The midwayers’ views

At the Feast of Tabernacles

“Master … bid fire come down from heaven …”

1.The Dangers of the Visit to Jerusalem

2.The First Temple Talk

Eber the officer of the Sanhedrin

3.The Woman Taken in Adultery

4.The Feast of Tabernacles

5.Sermon on the Light of the World

6.Discourse on the Water of Life

7.The Discourse on Spiritual Freedom

8.The Visit with Martha and Mary

9.At Bethlehem with Abner

Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan

1.Ordination of the Seventy

The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few

2.The Rich Young Man and Others’

Riches and the love of wealth

3.The Discussion About Wealth

Parable of the laborers in the vineyard

4.Farewell to the Seventy

Jesus’ instructions

Peter’s ordination sermon

5.Moving the Camp to Pella

6.The Return of the Seventy

7.Preparation for the Last Mission

At the Feast of Dedication

1.Story of the Good Samaritan

2.At Jerusalem

3.Healing the Blind Beggar

4.Josiah Before the Sanhedrin

5.Teaching in Solomon’s Porch

The Perean Mission Begins

1.At the Pella Camp

2.Sermon on the Good Shepherd

“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees…”

3.Sabbath Sermon at Pella

“…the very hairs of your head are numbered”

4.Dividing the Inheritance

Parable of the foolish rich man

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

“What shall it profit if you gain the world…?”

5.Talks to the Apostles on Wealth

“Consider the lilies, how they grow …”

6.Answer to Peter’s Question

Last Visit to Northen Perea

1.The Pharisees at Ragaba

Ceremonial hand washing

2.The Ten Lepers

3.The Sermon at Gerasa

The straight and narrow way

Many who are first will be last

“I stand at the door and knock …”

4.Teaching About Accidents

5.The Congregation at Philadelphia

The later ministry and death of Abner

The Visit to Philadelphia

1.Breakfast with the Pharisees

Healing the believer

“ … sit not down in the chef seat …”

2.Parable at the Great Supper

3.The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity

4.The Message from Bethany

5.On the Way to Bethany

The Pharisee and the publican

Teaching about marriage

6.Blessing the Little Children

Beauty as an influence to worship

7.The Talk About Angels

The Resurrection of Lazarus

“I am the resurrection and the life …”

1.At the Tomb of Lazarus

2.The Resurrection of Lazarus

3.Meeting of the Sanhedrin

“It is better that one man die …”

4.The Answer to Prayer

5.What Became of Lazarus

Last Teaching at Pella

The Sanhedrin’s charges against Jesus

1.Parable of the Lost Son

2.Parable of the Shrewd Steward

3.The Rich Man and the Beggar

4.The Father and His Kingdom

Jesus lived a revelation of God

Elohim and Yahweh

The Kingdom of Heaven

1.Concepts of the Kingdom of Heaven

2.Jesus’ Concept of the Kingdom

Sin and forgiveness

3.In Relation to Righteousness

4.Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom

5.Later Ideas of the Kingdom

Social brotherhood and spiritual brotherhood

Another and greater John the Baptist

Christianity and the Jesus gospel

On the Way to Jerusalem

“ … promise me that these my sons shall have honor …”

1.The Departure from Pella

David Zebedee’s later life

Antioch and Philadelphia

2.On Counting the Cost

3.The Perean Tour

Farewell to Abner

4.Teaching at Livias

Peter and Simon and the 100 swords

Warning of the friendly Pharisees

5.The Blind Man at Jericho

6.The Visit to Zaccheus

7.“As Jesus Passed By”

8.Parable of the Pounds

Nathaniel’s interpretation of the parable

Going into Jerusalem

1.Sabbath at Bethany

Mary anoints Jesus’ feet

Jesus rebukes Judas

2.Sunday Morning with the Apostles

3.The Start for Jerusalem

4.Visiting About the Temple

The widow’s mite

5.The Apostles’ Attitude

Monday in Jerusalem

1.Cleansing the Temple

2.Challenging the Master’s Authority

“The baptism of John, whence was it?”

3.Parable of the Two Sons

4.Parable of the Absent Landlord

The stone which the builders rejected

5.Parable of the Marriage Feast

“Destroy this temple and …

I will raise it up.”

Tuesday Morning in the Temple

Individual salutations to the twelve

1.Divine Forgiveness

2.Questions by the Jewish Rulers

It is lawful to give tribute to Caesar?

3.The Sadducees and the Resurrection

4.The Great Commandment

The Deliverer, whose son is he?

5.The Inquiring Greeks

“ … except a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies …”

“ … if I be lifted up … in your lives…”

The Last Temple Discourse

1.The Discourse

“Generation after generation have we sent our prophets …”

“ … he who would be greatest among you …”

“Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”

“ … you … cleanse the outside of the cup …”

“And now I take leave of you.”

2.Status of Individual Jews

3.The Fateful Sanhedrin Meeting

4.The Situation in Jerusalem

Judas’ final decision

Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet

1.The Destruction of Jerusalem

2.The Master’s Second Coming

The account in the Matthew Gospel

3.Later Discussion at the Camp

Parable of the talents

“Carry on until I come.”

Comments on the growth of living truth

4.The Return of Michael

Wednesday, The Rest Day

1.One Day Alone with God

John Mark and the lunch basket

2.Early Home Life

3.The Day at Camp

4.Judas and the Chief Priests

5.The Last Social Hour

Beware of the support of the multitude

Last Day at the Camp

1.Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship

Learn to be faithful even in Prosperity

Tempt not the angels of your supervision

2.After the Noontime Meal

David relieves Judas of the ‘bag’

Arrangements for the Last Supper

3.On the Way to the Supper

The Last Supper

1.The Desire for Preference

2.Beginning the Supper

3.Washing the Apostles’ Fee

4.Last Words to the Betrayer

5.Establishing the Remembrance Supper

The Farewell Discourse

1.The New Commandment

“… love one another even as I have loved you.”

2.The Vine and the Branches

3.Enmity of the World

“Let not your hearts be troubled.”

“Master, show us the Father …”

4.The Promised Helper

5.The Spirit of Truth

Comments on the golden rule

6.The Necessity for Leaving

Final Admonitions and Warnings

1.Last Words of Comfort

“I give each of you all you will receive.”

“Let not your heart be troubled.”

2.Farewell Personal Admonitions

In Gethsemane

1.The Last Group Prayer

Jesus’ enlargement of the revelation of God’s name

2.Last hour Before the Betrayal

Dispatching the runner to Abner

David Zebedee’s farewell

3.Alone in Gethsemane

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

1.The Father’s Will

2.Judas in the City

3.The Master’s Arrest

4.Discussion at the Olive Press

5.On the Way to the High Priest’s Palace

Before the Sanhedrin Court

1.Examination by Annas

2.Peter in the Courtyard

3.Before the Court of Sanhedrists

4.The Hour of Humiliation

A new revelation of man to God

5.The Second Meeting of the Court

The Trial before Pilate

1.Pontius Pilate

2.Jesus Appears Before Pilate

The written charges of the Sanhedrist tribunal

3.The Private Examination by Pilate

4.Jesus Before Herod

5.Jesus Returns to Pilate

6.Pilate’s Last Appeal

The scourging of Jesus

“Behold the man!”

7.Pilate’s Last Interview

8.Pilate’s Tragic Surrender

Just Before The Crucifixion

Jesus’ family at Bethany

1.The End of Judas Iscariot

The thirty pieces of silver

2.The Master’s Attitude

“Pilate on trial before Jesus.”

“Behold God and man!”

3.The Dependable David Zebedee

4.Preparation for the Crucifixion

5.Jesus’ Death in Relation to the Passover

The Crucifixion

1.On the Way to Golgotha

“Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me …”

Simon from Cyrene

2.The Crucifixion

3.Those Who Saw the Crucifixion

4.The Thief on the Cross

Jesus’ charge to John

5.Last Hour on the Cross

6.After the Crucifixion

The Time of the Tomb

Joseph and Nicodemus before Pilate

1.The Burial of Jesus

2.Safeguarding the Tomb

3.During the Sabbath Day

What did Jesus commend to the Father’s hands?

Status of the personality of Jesus

4.Meaning of the Death on the Cross

5.Lessons from the Cross

The Resurrection

1.The Morontia Transit

2.The Material Body of Jesus

3.The Dispensational Resurrection

Departure of the Personalized Adjuster

4.Discovery of the Empty Tomb

The five women

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

Peter and John at the Tomb

Second appearance – to Mary Magdalene

Morontia Appearances of Jesus

1.Heralds of the Resurrection

2.Jesus’ Appearance at Bethany

Appearance to his brother James

Appearance to his earthly family

3.At the Home of Joseph

4.Appearance to the Greeks

5.The Walk with Two Brothers

Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders

Reactions of the individual apostles

1.The Appearance to Peter

2.First Appearance to the Apostles

3.With the Morontia Creatures

Stages of morontia progression

4.The Tenth Appearance (at Philadelphia)

5.Second Appearance to the Apostles

“Blessed are those in the ages to come…”

6.The Alexandrian Appearance

Appearances in Galilee

1.Appearance by the Lake

“Lads, have you caught anything?”

2.Visiting with the Apostles Two and Two

3.On the Mount of Ordination

4.The Lakeside Gathering

Final Appearances and Ascension

The sixteenth appearance (courtyard of Nicodemus)

1.The Appearance at Sychar

2.The Phoenician Appearance

3.Last Appearance in Jerusalem

4.Causes of Judas’s Downfall

5.The Master’s Ascension

6.Peter Calls a Meeting

Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth

The new gospel about Jesus

1.The Pentecost Sermon

2.The Significance of Pentecost

The mission of the Spirit of Truth

Man’s threefold spiritual endowment

The seven higher spiritual influences

3.What Happened at Pentecost

4.Beginning of the Christian Church

After Pentecost

Reasons for the triumph of Christianity in the Occident

Early Christian compromises

1.Influence of the Greeks

2.The Roman Influence

3.Under the Roman Empire

4.The European Dark Ages

5.The Modern Problem


7.The Vulnerability of Materialism

8.Secular Totalitarianism

9.Christianity’s Problem

10.The Future

The Faith of Jesus

Jesus’ living faith in God

“Seek first the kingdom of heaven.”

“Why do you call me good?”

What prayer meant to Jesus

Jesus’ childlike faith in God

1.Jesus — the Man

2.The Religion of Jesus

The religion about Jesus

Religion as a personal experience

3.The Supremacy of Religion

Fact, idea, and relation

Reason, wisdom, and faith

Thing, meaning and value

Unless a divine lover lived in man

Morality and religion

The Father is living love

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