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Table of Contents – Planet Earth Book

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  1. The Master Universe
  2. Total Space
  3. The Vertical Cross Section of Total Space
  4. Eternal Isle of Paradise
  5. The Eternal Isle of Paradise & Its 21 Sacred Spheres
  6. Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers
  7. Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Home
  8. The Eternal Central Universe
  9. The Central Universe of Havona
  10. The Great Unique Belt of Our 2nd Space Level
  11. The Seven Space Conditions & Motions that Exist!
  12. The Grand Universe
  13. Organization of the Superuniverses
  14. Our Seventh Superuniverse
  1. The Planetary Life
  2. Planetary Physical Types
  3. Evolutionary Will Creatures
  4. Origin of Inhabited Worlds
PART I.  THE ORIGIN OF OUR PLANET – URANTIA 1. The Andronover Nebula 2. The Primary Nebular Stage 3. The Secondary Nebular Stage 4. Tertiary and Quartan Stages 5. Origin of Our Sun 6. Origin of Monmatia – Our Urantia Solar System–Retrograde Motion 7. The Solar System Stage The Planet-Forming Era Tidal Friction Gravity-tidal Explosions 8. The Meteoric Era The Volcanic Age The Primary Planetary Atmosphere 9. Crustal Stabilization The Age of Earthquakes The World Ocean and The First Continent PART II.  LIFE ESTABLISHMENT ON URANTIA 1. Physical-life Prerequisites 2. The Planetary Atmosphere 3. Spatial Environment 4. The Life-Dawn Era 5. The Continental Drift 6. The Transition Period 7. The Geologic History Book PART III.  THE MARINE-LIFE ERA ON URANTIA
  1. Early Marine Life in the Shallow Seas
The Trilobite Age 2. The First Continental Flood Stage The Invertebrate-Animal Age 3. The Second Great Flood Stage The Coral Period The Brachiopod Age 4. The Great Land-Emergence Stage The Vegetative Land-life Period The Age of Fishes 5. The Crustal-Shifting Stage The Fern-Forest Carboniferous Period The Age of Frogs 6. The Climatic Transition Stage The Seed-Plant Period The Age of Biologic Tribulation PART IV. URANTIA DURING THE EARLY LAND-LIFE ERA 1. The Early Reptilian Age 2. The Later Reptilian Age 3. The Cretaceous Stage The Flowering-Plant Period The Age of Birds 4. The End of the Chalk Period PART V. THE MAMMALIAN ERA 1. The New Continental Land Stage The Age of Early Mammals 2. The Recent Flood Stage The Age of Advanced Mammals 3. The Modern Mountain Stage Age of The Elephant and The Horse 4. The Recent Continental-Elevation Stage The Last Great Mammalian Migration 5. The Early Ice Age 6. Primitive Man in The Ice Age 7. The Continuing Ice Age PART VI. THE DAWN RACES OF EARLY MAN 1. The Early Lemur Types 2. The Dawn Mammals 3. The Mid-Mammals Origin of the Simian Tribes 4. The Primates 5. The First Two Human Beings 6. Evolution of the Human Mind 7. Recognition as an Inhabited World PART VII. THE FIRST HUMAN FAMILY 1. Andon and Fonta 2. The Flight of The Twins 3. Andon’s Family 4. The Andonic Clans 5. Dispersion of the Andonites 6. Onagar – The First Truth Teacher 7. The Survival of Andon and Fonta PART VIII. THE EVOLUTIONARY RACES OF COLOR 1. The Andonic Aborigines 2. The Foxhall Peoples 3. The Badonan Tribes 4. The Neanderthal Races 5. Origin of Our Colored Races 6. The Six Sangik Races of Our Planet Urantia (1) The Red Man (2) The Orange Man (3) The Yellow Man (4) The Green Man (5) The Blue Man (6) The Indigo Race 7. Purpose of the six races 8. Dispersion of The Colored Races PART IX. OVERCONTROL OF EVOLUTION 1. The Evolutionary Panorama 2. The Six Evolutionary Races 3. The Fostering of Evolution 4. The Urantia Adventure 5. Life-Evolution Vicissitudes 6. Evolutionary Techniques of Life 7. Evolutionary Mind Levels 8. Evolution in Time and Space PART X. THE PLANETARY PRINCES 1. Mission of the Princes 2. The Prince’s Corporeal Staff 3. The Planetary Headquarters and Schools PART XI. THE PLANETARY PRINCE OF URANTIA 1. Prince Caligastia and His Staff 2. Dalamatia – The City of the Prince 3. Early Days of The One Hundred 4. Organization of The One Hundred 5. The Prince’s Reign 6. Life in Dalamatia 7. Misfortunes of Caligastia PART XII. THE PLANETARY REBELLION 1. The Caligastia Betrayal 2. The Outbreak of Rebellion 3. The Seven Crucial Years 4. The Caligastia One Hundred After Rebellion 5. Immediate Results of Rebellion 6. Van – The Steadfast PART XIII. THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION 1. Protective Socialization 2. Factors in Social Progression 3. Socializing Influence of Ghost Fear 4. Evolution of The Mores 5. Land Techniques – Maintenance Arts 6. Evolution of Culture 7. The Land-Ratio PART XIV. PRIMITIVE HUMAN INSTITUTIONS 1. Basic Human Institutions 2. The Dawn of Industry 3. The Specialization of Labor 4. The Beginnings of Trade 5. The Beginnings of Capital 6. Fire in Relation to Civilization 7. The Utilization of Animals 8. Slavery as a Factor in Civilization 9. Private Property PART XV. THE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN GOVERNMENT 1. The Genesis of War 2. The Social Value of War Modern Industrialism versus militarism 3. Early Human Associations 4. Clans and Tribes 5. The Beginnings of Government 6. Monarchial Government 7. Primitive Clubs and Secret Societies 8. Social Classes 9. Human Rights 10. Evolution of Justice 11. Laws and Courts 12. Allocation of Civil Authority PART XVI. DEVELOPMENT OF THE STATE  1. The Embryonic State 2. The Evolution of Representative Government 3. The Ideals of Statehood 4. Progressive Civilization 5. The Evolution of Competition 6. The Profit Motive 7. Education 8. The Character of Statehood PART XVII. PLANETARY MORTAL EPOCHS 1. Primitive Man 2. Post-Planetary Prince Man 3. Post-Adamic Man 4. Post-Magisterial Son Man 5. Post-Bestowal Son Man 6. Urantia’s Postbestowal Man 7. Post-Teacher Son Man PART XVIII. THE PLANETARY ADAMS 1. The Adamic Missions 2. Racial Amalgamation Bestowal of the Adamic Blood 3. The Edenic Regime 4. United Administration PART XIX. THE GARDEN OF EDEN 1. The Nodites and The Andonites 2. Planning for The Garden 3. The Garden Site 4. Establishing the Garden 5. The Garden Home 6. The Tree of Life 7. The Fate of Eden PART XX. ADAM AND EVE 1. Adam and Eve on Jerusem 2. Arrival of Adam and Eve 3. Adam and Eve Learn about This Planet 4. The First Upheaval 5. Adam’s Administration 6. Home Life of Adam and Eve 7. Life in The Garden PART XXI. THE DEFAULT OF ADAM AND EVE 1. The Urantia Problem 2. Caligastia’s Plot 3. The Temptation of Eve 4. The Realization of Default 5. Repercussions of Default 6. Adam and Eve Leave the Garden 7. Degradation of Adam and Eve 8. The So-Called Fall of Man PART XXII. THE SECOND GARDEN 1. The Edenites Enter Mesopotamia 2. Cain and Abel 3. Life in Mesopotamia 4. The Violet Race 5. Death of Adam and Eve 6. Suvival of Adam and Eve PART XXIII. THE VIOLET RACE AFTER THE DAYS OF ADAM 1. Racial and Cultural Distribution 2. The Adamites in the Second Garden 3. Early Expansions of the Adamites 4. The Andites 5. The Andite Migrations 6. The Last Andite Dispersions 7. The Floods in Mesopotamia The Biblical Story of Noah 8. The Sumerians – Last of the Andites PART XXIV.  ANDITE EXPANSION IN THE ORIENT 1. The Andites of Turkestan 2. The Andite Conquest of India 3. Dravidian India 4. The Aryan Invasion of India 5. Red Man and Yellow Man 6. Dawn of Chinese Civilization 7. The Andites Enter China 8. Later Chinese Civilization PART XXV.  ANDITE EXPANSION IN THE OCCIDENT 1. The Adamites Enter Europe 2. Climatic and Geologic Changes Flooding of the Mediterranean 3. The Cro-Magnoid Blue Man 4. The Andite Invasions of Europe 5. The Andite Conquest of Northern Europe 6. The Andites Along the Nile 7. Andites of The Mediterranean Isles 8. The Danubian Andonites 9. The Three White Races PART XXVI.  DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN CIVILIZATION 1. The Cradle of Civilization 2. The Tools of Civilization (1) The taming of fire (2) The domestication of animals (3) The enslavement of captives (4) Private property 3. Cities, Manufacture, and Commerce 4. The Mixed Races (1) The Caucasoid races (2) The Mongoloid races (3) The Negroid races 5. Cultural Society Might and right 6. The Maintenance of Civilization (1) Natural circumstances (2) Capital Goods (3) Scientific knowledge (4) Human resources (5) Effectiveness of material resources (6) Effectiveness of language (7) Effectiveness of mechanical devices (8) Character of torchbearers (9) The racial ideals (10) Co-ordination of specialists (11) Place-finding devices (12) The willingness to co-operate (13) Effective and wise leadership (14) Social changes (15) The prevention of traditional breakdown EPILOGUE  PART XXVII.  POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY PART XXVIII. LAW, LIBERTY, AND SOVEREIGNTY PART XXIX.   THE SUCCESSIVE AGES PART XXX.    THE ACME OF MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT

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Our Planet Earth — Its Origin and Evolution!

The Inhabited Worlds

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Author: Douglas Mayberry

Douglas Mayberry is a brilliant researcher of the highly complex, written in the highest human language (1924-35) recent revelations to our planet; which have now been fully litigated by the American federal court system to be in the public domain.  For over 35 years he engaged extensive, persistent, and intensive research into the claims, primarily because he just wanted to know. Discovering eternal truths can actually be ‘lived’, through his own direct experience, as to his increasingly number of probing inquiries, he furthered his research to actually be able to ‘live’ the validity of the progressive answers being revealed, finding them to be quite true; leaving him to live a far more peaceful, comfortable, purposefully enjoyable spiritual life, while living here on earth as a human being. Excited! and wanting to spread the message, it however soon became very apparent that the revelations as compiled were just too complex to simply give a full understanding.  So it was for a period spanning over 15 years that he came to analyze, categorize, and organize ‘down-stepped’ subject-related compilations for better study and review.  Enjoy!

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