Table of Contents – The Metaphysics of God!


Terms and Meanings

  1. God
  2. Divinity and Deity
  3. The First Source and Center
  4. Reality
  5. Universe Reality
  6. Personality Realities
  7. The Location of You!
  8. Personality Survival
  9. Energy and Pattern
  10. The Three Absolutes
  11. The Trinities
  12. Trinities and Triunities
  13. The Seven Triunities
  14. Triodities

Organization and Control of the Cosmos

  1. The Master Universe
  2. Total Space
  3. The Vertical Cross Section of Total Space
  4. Eternal Isle of Paradise
  5. The Eternal Isle of Paradise & Its 21 Sacred Spheres
  6. Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers
  7. Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Home
  8. The Eternal Central Universe
  9. The Central Universe of Havona
  10. The Great Unique Belt of Our 2nd Space Level
  11. The Seven Space Conditions & Motions that Exist!
  12. The Grand Universe
  13. Organization of the Superuniverses
  14. Our Seventh Superuniverse



   Chapter 1: The Universal Father

  1. The Reality of God
  2. God is a Universal Spirit
  3. The Mystery of God
  4. Personality of God
  5. Personality in the Universe
  6. Spiritual Value of the Personality Concept
  7. The God of Personality

Chapter 2: The Eternal Son

  1. Personality of the Eternal Son
  2. The Spirit Mind
  3. Attributes of the Eternal Son
  4. Limitations of the Eternal Son
  5. The Paradise Sons of God
  6. Realization of the Eternal Son
  7. The Supreme Revelation of the Father
  8. Relations of the Eternal Son to the Universe
  9. The Spirit-Gravity Circuit
  10. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Individual

Chapter 3: The Infinite Spirit

  1. The God of Action
  2. Nature of the Infinite Spirit
  3. Relation of the Spirit to the Father and the Son
  4. The Spirit of Divine Ministry
  5. The Presence of God
  6. Personality of the Infinite Spirit

Chapter 4: Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the   Universe

  1. Attributes of the Third Source and Center
  2. The Omnipresent Spirit
  3. The Universal Manipulator
  4. The Absolute Mind
  5. The Ministry of Mind
  6. The Mind-Gravity Circuit
  7. Universe Reflectivity
  8. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

Chapter 5: The Paradise Trinity

  1. Self-Distribution of the First Source and Center
  2. Deity Personalization
  3. The Three Persons of Deity
  4. The Trinity Union of Deity
  5. Functions of the Trinity
  6. The Trinity beyond the Finite

Chapter 6: The Supreme Being

  1. Relativity of Concept Frames
  2. The Absolute Basis for Supremacy
  3. Original, Actual, and Potential
  4. Sources of Supreme Reality
  5. Relation of the Supreme to the Paradise Trinity
  6. Relation of the Supreme to the Triodities
  7. The Nature of the Supreme

Chapter 7: Deity and Reality

  1. The Philosophic Concept of the I AM
  2. The I AM as Triune and as Sevenfold
  3. The Seven Absolutes of Infinity
  4. Unity, Duality, and Triunity
  5. Promulgation of Finite Reality
  6. Repercussions of Finite Reality
  7. Eventuation of Transcendentals
  8. The Future Eternals

Chapter 8: Supreme and Ultimate –- Time and Space

  1. Time and Eternity
  2. Omnipresence and Ubiquity
  3. Time-Space Relationships
  4. Primary and Secondary Causation
  5. Omnipotence and Compossibility
  6. Ominpotence and Omnificence
  7. Omniscience and Predestination
  8. Control and Overcontrol
  9. Universe Mechanism
  10. Functions of Providence

Chapter 9: Universe Levels of Reality

  1. Primary Association of Finite Functionals
  2. Secondary Supreme Finite Integration
  3. Transcendental Teritiary Reality Association
  4. Ultimate Quartan Integration
  5. Coabsolute or Fifth-Phase Association
  6. Absolute or Sixth-Phase Integration
  7. Finality of Destiny
  8. The Trinities of Trinities
  9. Existential Infinite Unification
  10. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Chapter 10: Universal Unity

  1. Physical Co-ordination
  2. Intellectual Unity
  3. Spiritual Unification
  4. Personality Unification
  5. Deity Unity
  6. Unification of Evolutionary Deity
  7. Universal Evolutionary Repercussions
  8. The Supreme Unifier
  9. Universal Absolute Unity



Chapter 11: The Eternal Isle of Paradise

  1. The Divine Residence
  2. Nature of the Eternal Isle
  3. Upper Paradise
  4. Peripheral Paradise
  5. Nether Paradise
  6. Space Respiration
  7. Space Functions of Paradise
  8. Paradise Gravity
  9. The Uniqueness of Paradise

Chapter 12: The Universe of Universes

  1. Space Levels of the Master Universe
  2. The Domains of the Unqualified Absolute
  3. Universal Gravity
  4. Space and Motion
  5. Space and Time
  6. Universal Overcontrol
  7. The Part and the Whole
  8. Matter, Mind, and Spirit
  9. Personal Realities

Chapter 13: Personalities of the Grand Universe

  1. The Paradise Classification of Living Beings
  2. The Uversa Personality Register
  3. The Ascending Mortals
  4. The Corps of the Finality
  5. The Transcendentalers
  6. Architects of the Master Universe
  7. The Ultimate Adventure
  8. The Divine Perfection Plans

Chapter 14: The Twenty-One Sacred Spheres of Paradise

  1. The Seven Sacred Worlds of the Father
  2. Father-World Relationships
  3. The Sacred Worlds of the Eternal Son
  4. The Worlds of the Infinite Spirit

Chapter 15: The Central and Divine Universe

  1. The Paradise-Havona System
  2. Constitution of Havona
  3. The Havona Worlds
  4. Creatures of the Central Universe
  5. Life in Havona
  6. The Purpose of the Central Universe

Chapter 16: The Seven Master Spirits

  1. Relation to Triune Deity
  2. Relation to the Infinite Spirit
  3. Identity and Diversity of the Master Spirits
  4. Attributes and Functions of the Master Spirits
  5. Relation to Creatures
  6. The Cosmic Mind
  7. Morals, Virtue, and Personality
  8. Urantia Personality
  9. Reality of Human Consciousness

Chapter 17: The Universe Power Directors

  1. The Seven Supreme Power Directors
  2. The Supreme Power Centers
  3. The Domain of Power Centers
  4. The Master Physical Controllers
  5. The Master Force Organizers

Chapter 18: Energy –- Mind and Matter

  1. Paradise Forces and Energies
  2. Universal nonspiritual Energy Systems (Physical Energies)
  3. Classification of Matter
  4. Energy and Matter Transformation
  5. Wave-Energy Manifestations
  6. Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms
  7. Atomic Matter
  8. Atomic Cohesion
  9. Natural Philosophy
  10. Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Material Mind Systems)
  11. Universe Mechanisms
  12. Pattern and Form – Mind Dominance

Chapter 19: The Almighty Supreme

  1. The Supreme Mind
  2. The Almighty and God the Sevenfold
  3. The Almighty and Paradise Deity
  4. The Almighty and the Supreme Creators
  5. The Almighty and the Sevenfold Controllers
  6. Spirit Dominance
  7. The Living Organism of the Grand Universe

Chapter 20: The Seven Superuniverses

  1. The Superuniverse Space Level
  2. Organization of the Superuniverse
  3. Our Superuniverse of Orvonton
  4. Nebulae – The Ancestors of Universes
  5. The Origin of Space Bodies
  6. The Spheres of Space
  7. The Architectural Spheres
  8. Energy Control and Regulation
  9. Circuits of the Superuniverses
  10. Rulers of the Superuniverses
  11. The Deliberative Assembly
  12. The Supreme Tribunals
  13. The Sector Governments
  14. Purposes of the Seven Superuniverses



Chapter 21: The Evolution of Local Universes

  1. Physical Emergence of Universes
  2. Universe Organization
  3. The Evolutionary Idea
  4. God’s Relation to a Local Universe
  5. The Eternal and Divine Purpose

Chapter 22: The Paradise Creator Sons

  1. Origin and Nature of Creator Sons
  2. The Creators of Local Universes
  3. Local Universe Sovereignty
  4. The Michael Bestowals
  5. Michael of Nebadon
  6. Relation of Master Sons to the Universe
  7. Destiny of the Master Michaels

Chapter 23: The Local Universe Mother Spirit

  1. Personalization of the Creative Spirit
  2. Nature of the Divine Minister
  3. The Universe Son and Spirit
  4. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space
  5. Gabriel – The Chief Executive
  6. The Local Universe Circuits
  7. The Ministry of the Spirit
  8. The Spirit in Man
  9. The Spirit and the Flesh

Chapter 24: Physical Aspects of the Local Universe

  1. The Nebadon Power Centers
  2. The Satania Physical Controllers
  3. Our Starry Associates
  4. Sun Density
  5. Solar Radiation
  6. Calcium – the Wanderer of Space
  7. Sources of Solar Energy
  8. Solar-Energy Reactions
  9. Sun Stability
  10. Origin of Inhabited Worlds

Chapter 25: The Life Carriers

  1. Origin and Nature of Life Carriers
  2. The Melchizedek Sons
  3. The Life Carrier Worlds
  4. Life Transplantation
  5. Melchizedek Life Carriers
  6. The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits
  7. Living Forces

Chapter 26: The Inhabited Worlds

  1. The Planetary Life
  2. Planetary Physical Types
  3. Worlds of the Nonbreathers
  4. Evolutionary Will Creatures
  5. The Planetary Series of Mortals
  6. Terrestrial Escape

Chapter 27: The Overcontrol of Evolution

  1. Life Carrier Functions
  2. The Life-Dawn Era on Urantia
  3. The Evolutionary Panorama
  4. The Fostering of Evolution
  5. The Urantia Adventure
  6. Life-Evolution Vicissitudes
  7. Evolutionary Techniques of Life
  8. Evolutionary Mind Levels
  9. Evolution in Time and Space

Chapter 28: The Planetary Princes

  1. Mission of the Princes
  2. Planetary Administration
  3. The Prince’s Corporeal Staff
  4. The Planetary Headquarters and Schools
  5. Progressive Civilization
  6. Planetary Culture
  7. The Rewards of Isolation

Chapter 29: Seraphic Planetary Government

  1. The Sovereignty of Our Planet Urantia
  2. The Board of Planetary Supervisors
  3. The Resident Governor General
  4. The Most High Observer
  5. The Planetary Government
  6. The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision
  7. The Reserve Corps of Destiny

Chapter 30: Planetary Mortal Epochs

  1. Primitive Man
  2. Post-Planetary Prince Man
  3. Post-Adamic Man
  4. Post-Magisterial Son Man
  5. Post-Bestowal Son Man
  6. Urantia’s Postbestowal Age
  7. Post-Teacher Son Man

Chapter 31: God the Supreme

  1. Nature of the Supreme Being
  2. The Source of Evolutionary Growth
  3. Significance of the Supreme to Universe Creatures
  4. The Finite God
  5. The Oversoul of Creation
  6. The Quest for the Supreme
  7. The Future of the Supreme


Chapter 32: We Ascending Sons of God

  1. Evolutionary Seraphim
  2. Ascending Material Sons
  3. Translated Midwayers
  4. Death and Translation
  5. Personalized Adjusters
  6. Mortals of Time and Space
  7. The Faith Sons of God
  8. Father-Fused Mortals
  9. Son-Fused Mortals
  10. Spirit-Fused Mortals
  11. Ascendant Destinies

Chapter 33: Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

  1. The Guardian Angels
  2. The Seraphim
  3. Seraphic Training and Organization
  4. Cherubim and Sanobim
  5. The Midway Creatures
  6. The Destiny Guardians
  7. Relation to Other Spirit Influences
  8. Seraphic Domains of Action
  9. Seraphic Ministry of Mortals

Chapter 34: Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters

  1. Origin of Thought Adjusters
  2. Classification of Adjusters
  3. The Divinington Home of Adjusters
  4. Nature and Presence of Adjusters
  5. Adjuster Mindedness
  6. Adjusters as Pure Spirits
  7. Adjusters and Personality

Chapter 35: Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters

  1. Selection and Assignment
  2. Prerequisites of Adjuster Indwelling
  3. Organization and Administration
  4. Relation to Other Spiritual Influences
  5. The Adjuster’s Mission
  6. God in Man

Chapter 36: Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures

  1. Development of Adjusters
  2. Self-Acting Adjusters
  3. Relation of Adjusters to Mortal types
  4. Adjusters and Human Personality
  5. Material Handicaps to Adjuster Indwelling
  6. The Persistence of True Values
  7. Destiny of Personalized Adjusters

Chapter 37: Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals

  1. Indwelling the Mortal Mind
  2. Adjusters and Human Will
  3. Co-operation with the Adjuster
  4. The Adjuster’s Work in the Mind
  5. Erroneous Concepts of Adjuster Guidance
  6. The Seven Psychic Circles
  7. The Attainment of Immortality

Chapter 38: The Adjuster and the Soul

  1. The Mind Arena of Choice
  2. Nature of the Soul
  3. The Evolving Soul
  4. The Inner Life
  5. The Consecration of Choice
  6. The Human Paradox
  7. The Adjuster’s Problem

Chapter 39: Personality Survival

  1. Personality and Reality
  2. The Self
  3. The Phenomenon of Death
  4. Adjusters after Death
  5. Guardian Angels after Death
  6. Survival of the Human Self
  7. Morontial Self

Chapter 40: The Seven Mansion Worlds

  1. The Morontia Life and Materials
  2. The Finaliters’ World
  3. The Probationary Nursery
  4. The Mansion World Teachers
  5. The First Mansion World
  6. Morontia World Seraphim – Transition Ministers
  7. The Second Mansion World
  8. The Third Mansion World
  9. The Fourth Mansion World
  10. The Fifth Mansion World
  11. The Sixth Mansion World
  12. The Seventh Mansion World
  13. Jerusem Citizenship
  14. Seraphim and the Ascendent Career
  15. Adjuster Fusion


The Uversa Personality Register

(Synopsis Explanations)

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