Table of Contents – The Wings of Jesus; Who Jesus Really Is!

PART I. God is a Universal Spirit

  1. Erroneous Ideas of God
  2. The Father’s Primacy
  3. The Universal Father
  4. The Eternal Son
  5. The Infinite Spirit
  6. The Paradise Trinity
  7. The Father’s Supreme Rule


PART II. Organization and Control of the Cosmos

  1. Concept Drawing of the Master Universe
  2. The Master Universe
  3. Total Space
  4. The Vertical Cross Section of Total Space
  5. The Eternal Isle of Paradise
  6. The Eternal Isle of Paradise and Its 21 Sacred Spheres!
  7. Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers
  8. Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Home
  9. The Eternal Central Universe
  10. The Central Universe of Havona
  11. The Great Unique Belt and Our 2nd Space Level Path
  12. The Seven Space Conditions and Motions that Exist!
  13. Concept Drawing of the Grand Universe
  14. The Grand Universe
  15. Organization of the Superuniverses
  16. Our Seventh Superuniverse


PART III: The Paradise Creator Sons

  1. Our World
  2. The Creation of Local Universes
  3. Universe Organization
  4. Local Universe Sovereignty
  5. The Michael Bestowals


PART IV: The Bestowals of Christ Michael

  1. The First Bestowal
  2. Father Melchizedek and The Melchizedek Sons
  3. The Second Bestowal
  4. The Lanonandek Sons
  5. The Third Bestowal
  6. The Material Sons
  7. The Fourth Bestowal
  8. The Seraphim
  9. The Fifth Bestowal
  10. The Stages of Our Ascending Career
  11. The Sixth Bestowal
  12. Mortals of Time and Space
  13. The Seventh and Final Bestowal


PART V. The Lucifer Rebellion

  1. Leaders of Rebellion
  2. The Causes of Rebellion
  3. The Lucifer Manifesto
  4. Outbreak of The Rebellion
  5. The Wisdom of Delay
  6. Nature of The Conflict
  7. History of The Rebellion


PART VI. The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

  1. The Seventh Bestowal Commission
  2. The Bestowal Limitations
  3. Further Counsel and Advice
  4. The Incarnation – Making Two One
  5. Joshua Ben Joseph


PART VII: The End of the Lucifer Rebellion

  1. The Son of Man on Urantia
  2. Present Status of the Rebellion


PART VIII: Problems of The Lucifer Rebellion

  1. True and False Liberty
  2. The Theft of Liberty
  3. The Time Lag of Justice
  4. The Mercy Time Lag
  5. The Triumph of Love
  6. Michael’s Postbestowal Status


PART IX: Michael Now Reigns Supreme


PART X:  The Local Universe Mother Spirit

  1. Personalization of the Creative Spirit
  2. Nature of the Divine Minister
  3. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space
  4. The Local Universe Circuits
  5. The Ministry of the Spirit
  6. The Spirit in Human Beings
  7. The Spirit and The Flesh


PART XI: The Rewards of Isolation

  1. The Eternal and Divine Purpose

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God is “Our Father”!

Table of Contents — Jesus, His Life as the Son of God!




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