Table of Contents – How Your Choices Evolve the “Pre-Destiny” of You!

Mortal Life

Chapter One: Human Living

  1. Human Life
  2. The Inner Life
  3. The Art of Living
  4. The Lures of Maturity
  5. The Balance of a Mature Personality
  6. Becoming Spirit, is Our Goal
  7. Moral, Virtue, and Personality

Chapter Two: Spirit Living

  1. 1. The Thought Adjuster
  2. The Self
  3. Self-Consciousness
  4. The Reality of Human Consciousness
  5. The Human Destiny
  6. God Adjusts to You!
  7. God-Consciousness
  8. God’s Fragment in You!
  9. Spiritual Insight
  10. God’s Will vs. The Human Will
  11. The Consecration of Choice
  12. The Vulnerability of Materialism

Chapter 3: Organization and Control of the Cosmos

  1. Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers
  2. The Eternal Isle of Paradise
  3. Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Home
  4. The Master Universe
  5. The Eternal Central Universe
  6. The 7 Space Conditions and Motions that Exist!
  7. The Great Unique Belt and Our 2nd Space Level Path
  8. The Grand Universe
  9. Organization of the Superuniverses
  10. Our Local Universe Nebadon
  11. Our Inhabited Planet Urantia

Chapter Four: Gravity and Mind

  1. Universal Gravity
  2. The Personality-Gravity Circuit
  3. The Spirit-Gravity Circuit
  4. The Spirit Mind
  5. The Mind-Gravity Circuit
  6. The Absolute Mind
  7. The Cosmic Mind
  8. The Ministry of Mind
  9. The Human Mind
  10. The Human Paradox
  11. Universe Mechanisms

Chapter Five: Universal Unification

  1. Universal Unity
  2. Physical Co-ordination
  3. Intellectual Unity
  4. Spiritual Unification
  5. Personality Unification
  6. Deity Unity
  7. Unification of Evolutionary Deity

Chapter Six: The Supreme Being

  1. The Actualizing Deity of Time
  2. God the Sevenfold
  3. The Almighty Supreme
  4. The Supreme Mind
  5. The Supreme Being
  6. The Nature of the Supreme
  7. God the Supreme
  8. The Source of Mortal Evolutionary Growth
  9. The Finite God
  10. The Oversoul of Creation
  11. The Quest for the Supreme
  12. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Chapter Seven: Personality

  1. The Mortal’s View of Unity
  2. Personality
  3. God is Father Personality
  4. Personality and Reality
  5. Our Urantia Personality
  6. Personality is a Unique Endowment
  7. Faith and Belief

Chapter Eight: Spirit Influence

  1. The Local Universe Circuits
  2. The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits
  3. The Adjutants of Worship and Wisdom
  4. The Spirit of Truth
  5. The Ministry of the Local Universe Spirit
  6. Spirit Reactions to Our Own Freewill Choosing
  7. Universal Non-Spiritual Energy Systems

Chapter Nine: Evolution Realities

  1. The Overcontrol of Evolution
  2. Evolutionary Techniques of Life
  3. Evolutionary Mind Levels
  4. Pattern and Form – Mind Dominance
  5. True Moral Consciousness

Chapter Ten: The Thought Adjusters

  1. Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters
  2. Nature and Presence of Adjusters
  3. Adjusters as Pure Spirits
  4. Adjuster Mindedness
  5. Adjusters and Personality

Chapter Eleven: Adjuster Selection and Development

  1. Selection and Assignment
  2. Pre-requisites of Adjuster Indwelling
  3. Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures
  4. Development of Adjusters
  5. Relation to Other Spiritual Influences
  6. Adjusters and Human Personality

Chapter Twelve: Adjuster Mortal Mind Indwelling

  1. Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals
  2. Indwelling the Mortal Mind
  3. Adjusters and Human Will
  4. The Adjusters Work in the Mind
  5. Material Handicaps to Adjuster Indwelling
  6. Co-operation with the Adjuster

Chapter Thirteen: Adjuster Achievement

  1. God in You!
  2. The Seven Psychic Circles
  3. The Adjuster’s Mission
  4. Erroneous Concepts of Adjuster Guidance
  5. The Attainment of Immortality
  6. The Reserve Corps of Destiny

Chapter Fourteen: The Evolving Immortal Soul

  1. The Adjuster and the Soul
  2. The Mind Arena of Choice
  3. Nature of the Soul
  4. The Evolving Soul
  5. Characteristics of the Soul
  6. The Adjuster’s Problems

Chapter Fifteen: Life after Death

  1. Survival of the Human Self
  2. The Location of You!
  3. Personality Survival
  4. The Phenomenon of Death
  5. Repersonalization
  6. Terrestrial Escape
  7. The Resurrection
  8. The Resurrection Halls
  9. The Morontia (Immortal) Self
  10. Adjuster Fusion

Chapter Sixteen: Seraphic Guardians (Angels) of Destiny

  1. Seraphic Guardians of Destiny
  2. The Guardian Angels
  3. The Destiny Guardians
  4. Relation to Other Spirit Influences
  5. Seraphic Domains of Action
  6. Seraphic Ministry to Mortals
  7. Guardian Angels after Death
  8. Seraphim and the Ascendant Career

Epilogue: Our Ascending Universe Career

  1. Planetary Mortals
  2. Sleeping Survivors
  3. Mansion World Students
  4. Morontia Progressors
  5. Superuniverse Wards
  6. Paradise Arrivals

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Table of Contents – How the Universe Works!

Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems (Material Mind Systems)


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