The Celestial Overseers

The Nebadon educational system is jointly administered by the Trinity Teacher Sons and the Melchizedek teaching corps, but much of the work designed to effect its maintenance and up-building is carried on by the Celestial Overseers. These beings are a recruited corps embracing all types of individuals connected with the scheme of educating and training … Continue reading The Celestial Overseers

Part II: The Local Universe … urantiapapers

PART II:  THE LOCAL UNIVERSE Urantia Book - Paper 32 (The Evolution of Local Universes) Urantia Book - Paper 33 (Administration of the Local Universe) Urantia Book - Paper 34 (The Local Universe Mother Spirit) Urantia Book - Paper 35 (The Local Universe Sons of God) Urantia Book - Paper 36 (The Life Carriers) Urantia … Continue reading Part II: The Local Universe … urantiapapers