Religion and Morality

Audio File   No professed revelation of religion could be regarded as authentic if it failed to recognize the duty demands of ethical obligation which had been created and fostered by preceding evolutionary religion while it simultaneously and unfailingly expands the moral obligations of all prior revelations. When you presume to sit in critical judgment … Continue reading Religion and Morality

The Evidences of Religion

Audio File   The highest evidence of the reality and efficacy of religion consists in the fact of human experience; namely, that man, naturally fearful and suspicious, innately endowed with a strong instinct of self-preservation and craving survival after death, is willing fully to trust the deepest interests of his present and future to the … Continue reading The Evidences of Religion

Philosophy and Religion

Audio File   Although both science and philosophy may assume the probability of God by their reason and logic; only the personal religious experience of a spirit-led person can affirm the certainty of such a supreme and personal Deity.  By the technique of such an incarnation of living truth the philosophic hypothesis of the probability … Continue reading Philosophy and Religion