The Modern Mountain Stage

Audio File   AGE OF THE ELEPHANT AND THE HORSE Land elevation and sea segregation were slowly changing the world's weather, gradually cooling it, but the climate was still mild. Sequoias and magnolias grew in Greenland, but the subtropical plants were beginning to migrate southward. By the end of this period these warm-climate plants and … Continue reading The Modern Mountain Stage

The New Continental Land Stage

Audio File THE AGE OF EARLY MAMMALS   50,000,000 years ago, the land areas of the world were very generally above water or only slightly submerged. The formations and deposits of this period are both land and marine, but chiefly land. For a considerable time, the land gradually rose but was simultaneously washed down to the … Continue reading The New Continental Land Stage

The Mammalian Era

Audio File   The era of mammals extends from the times of the origin of placental mammals to the end of the ice age, covering a little less than fifty million years. During this Cenozoic age, the world's landscape presented an attractive appearance - rolling hills, broad valleys, wide rivers, and great forests. Twice during … Continue reading The Mammalian Era

The Cretaceous Stage — The Flowering-Plant Period

Audio File   THE AGE OF BIRDS   The great Cretaceous period derives its name from the predominance of the prolific chalk-making foraminifers in the seas. The period brings Urantia to near the end of the long reptilian dominance and witnesses the appearance of flowering plants and bird life on land. These are also the times … Continue reading The Cretaceous Stage — The Flowering-Plant Period