Audio File   The grand universe is the presently organized and inhabited material creation; and it consists of the central universe of Havona, in eternity, and the seven evolving superuniverses, in time – all revolving [More]
Audio File      While the mortal survivors of time and space are denominated ascending pilgrims when accredited for the progressive ascent to Paradise, these evolutionary creatures, of which we number, traverse the following seven [More]
Audio File   Here on Urantia we pass through a short and intense test, all to evolve the “escape vehicle” of our immortal souls. And then, upon mortal death, and the judgment of your soul, [More]
Audio File   On first thought it might appear that Urantia and its associated isolated worlds are most unfortunate in being deprived of the beneficent presence and influence of such superhuman personalities as a Planetary [More]
Audio File   Our world is Urantia, one of many similar inhabited planets which comprise the local universe of Nebadon. This universe, together with similar creations, makes up the superuniverse of Orvonton. Orvonton is one [More]
PART I:  THE CENTRAL AND SUPERUNIVERSES Urantia Book – Paper 1 – Introduction Urantia Book – Paper 1 (The Universal Father) Urantia Book – Paper 1 – Section 1 (The Father’s Name) Urantia Book – [More]