The Planetary Rebellion

Audio File   The problems associated with human existence on Urantia are impossible of understanding without a knowledge of certain epochs of the past, notably the occurrence and consequences of the planetary rebellion. Although this upheaval did not seriously interfere with the progress of organic evolution, it did markedly modify the course of social evolution … Continue reading The Planetary Rebellion

The Lucifer Manifesto

Audio File   Whatever  the  early  origins of  trouble in  the· hearts of Lucifer and Satan, the final outbreak took form as the Lucifer Declaration of Liberty. The cause of the rebels was stated under three heads: The reality of the Universal Father. Lucifer charged that the Universal Father did not really exist, that physical … Continue reading The Lucifer Manifesto

The Causes of the Lucifer Rebellion

Audio File   Lucifer and first assistant, Satan, had reigned on Jerusem for more than five hundred thousand years when in their hearts they began to array themselves against the Universal Father and His then vicegerent Son, Michael. There were no peculiar or special conditions in the system of Satania which suggested or favored rebellion. … Continue reading The Causes of the Lucifer Rebellion

Misfortunes of Caligastia

Audio File        In looking back over the long career of Caligastia, the revelators find only one outstanding feature of his conduct that might have challenged attention; he was ultra-individualistic. He was inclined to take sides with almost every party of protest, and he was usually sympathetic with those who gave mild expression to … Continue reading Misfortunes of Caligastia

The Triumph of Love

Audio File   Whatever the difficulties evolutionary mortals may encounter in their efforts to understand the Lucifer rebellion, it should be clear to all reflective thinkers that the technique of dealing with the rebels is a vindication of divine love. The loving mercy extended to the rebels does seem to have involved many innocent beings … Continue reading The Triumph of Love

The Theft of Liberty

Audio File   With the Son and in the Spirit did God project eternal Havana, and ever since has there obtained the eternal of coordinate participation in creation sharing. This pattern of sharing is the master design for every one of the Sons and Daughters of God who go out into space to engage in … Continue reading The Theft of Liberty