Married with Children

Audio File   1.  Love is the supreme reality of the universe when bestowed by all-wise beings; thus, when married with children, make sure that your love is admonished by wisdom and guided by intelligence. 2.  A human being's entire afterlife is enormously influenced by what happens during the first few years of experience; their … Continue reading Married with Children


Audio File   1. Without a worthy goal, life becomes aimless and unprofitable, and much unhappiness results. 2. Happiness and peace of mind follow pure thinking and virtuous living as the shadow follows the substance of material things; pain and sorrow follow in the path of evil as the dust follows the wind. 3. "A … Continue reading Happiness

The Fact of Experience

Audio File   It is no more of a mystery for you to know the mind of God than for you to be sure of the consciousness of knowing any other mind, human or superhuman.  Religion and social consciousness have this in common:  They are predicated on the consciousness of other-mindness.  The technique whereby you … Continue reading The Fact of Experience