Audio File        The bulk of the mass contained in the suns and planets of a superuniverse originates in the nebular wheels; very little of superuniverse mass is organized by the direct action of [More]
Audio File   Though they are of record, in this recital no attempt will be made to give exact years in reckoning time in terms of current usage – the present leap-year calendar of 365¼ [More]
Audio File   All evolutionary material creations originate from circular and gaseous nebulae; and these nebulae themselves originate in lower Paradise. Much resembling our own comparatively smaller solar system Monmatia, these nebulae wheels usually grow [More]
Audio File   500,000 years ago, the Badonan tribes of the northwestern highlands of India became involved in another great racial struggle. For more than one hundred years this relentless warfare raged, and when the [More]