Sun Density

Audio File   The mass of our sun is slightly greater than the estimate of our physicists, who have reckoned it as about two octillion (2 x 10 to the 27th power) tons.  It now exists about halfway between the most dense and the most diffuse stars, having about one and one-half times the density … Continue reading Sun Density

Surface of the Sun

The Origin of Space Bodies

Audio File        The bulk of the mass contained in the suns and planets of a superuniverse originates in the nebular wheels; very little of superuniverse mass is organized by the direct action of the power directors (as in the construction of the headquarters’ architectural spheres), although a constantly varying quantity of matter originates … Continue reading The Origin of Space Bodies

Calcium — the Wanderer of Space

Audio File   In deciphering spectral phenomena, it should be remembered that space is not empty; that light, in traversing space, is sometimes slightly modified by the various forms of energy and matter which circulate in all organized space.  Some of the lines indicating unknown matter which appear in the spectra of our sun are … Continue reading Calcium — the Wanderer of Space

Solar — Energy Reactions

Audio File   In those suns which are encircuited in the space-energy channels, solar energy is liberated by various complex nuclear-reaction chains, the most common of which is the hydrogen - carbon - helium reaction.  In this metamorphosis, carbon acts as an energy catalyst since it is in no way actually changed by this process … Continue reading Solar — Energy Reactions

Origin of Monmatia — Our Urantia Solar System

Audio File   5,000,000,000 years ago, our sun was a comparatively isolated blazing orb, having gathered to itself most of the near-by circulating matter of space, remnants of the recent upheaval which attended its own birth. Today, our sun has achieved relative stability, but its eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles betray that it was … Continue reading Origin of Monmatia — Our Urantia Solar System