Paper 131 – The World’s Religions 131:3:6 (1447.3) contentment is the greatest wealth. Paper 149 – The Second Preaching Tour 149:5:1 (1674.3) When Jesus was visiting the group of evangelists working under the supervision of [More]
Audio File        “Some persons are naturally happier than others. Much, very much, depends upon [their] willingness to be led and directed by the Father’s spirit which lies in [them]. Have you noticed in [More]
Audio File   Religion symbolizes our supreme devotion to that which represents our highest concept of the ideals of reality and the farthest reach of our minds toward eternal possibilities of spiritual attainment. When men [More]
Audio File   You have told me that your Master regards genuine human religion as the individual’s experience with spiritual realities. I have regarded religion as man’s experience of reacting to something which he regards [More]