The Celestial Overseers

The Nebadon educational system is jointly administered by the Trinity Teacher Sons and the Melchizedek teaching corps, but much of the work designed to effect its maintenance and up-building is carried on by the Celestial Overseers. These beings are a recruited corps embracing all types of individuals connected with the scheme of educating and training the ascending mortals.  There are upward of three million of them in Nebadon, and they are all volunteers who have qualified by experience to serve as educational advisers to the entire realm. From their headquarters on the Salvington worlds of the Melchizedeks, these overseers range the local universe as inspectors of the Nebadon school technique designed to effect the mind training and the spirit education of the ascending creatures.

This training of mind and education of spirit is carried on from the worlds of human origin up through the system mansion worlds and the other spheres of progress associated with Jerusem, the capital of our local system Satania, on the seventy socializing realms attached to Edentia, the capital of our constellation Norlatiadek, and on the four hundred and ninety spheres of spirit progress encircling Salvington, the  capital of our local universe of Nebadon.  On the universe headquarters itself are numerous Melchizedek schools, the colleges of the Universe Sons, the seraphic universities, and the schools of the Teacher Sons and the Union of Days. Every possible provision is made to qualify the various personalities of the universe for advancing service and improving function.  The entire universe is one vast school.

The methods employed in many of the higher schools are beyond the human concept of the art of teaching truth, but this is the keynote of the whole educational system: character acquired by enlightened experience.  The teachers provide the enlightenment; the universe station and the ascender’s status afford the opportunity for experience; the wise utilization of these two augments character.

Fundamentally, the Nebadon educational system provides for our assignment to a task and then affords us an opportunity to receive instruction as to the ideal and divine method of best performing that task. We are given a definite task to perform, and at the same time we are to be provided with teachers who are qualified to instruct us in the best method of executing our assignment. The divine plan of education provides for the intimate association of work and instruction. We are taught how best to execute the things we are commanded to do.

The purpose of this training and experience is to prepare us admission to the higher and more spiritual training spheres of the superuniverse. Progress within a given realm is individual, but transition from one phase to another is usually by classes.

The progression of eternity does not consist solely in spiritual development. Intellectual acquisition is also a part of universal education.  The experience of the mind is broadened equally with the expansion of the spiritual horizon. Mind and spirit are afforded like opportunities for training and advancement. But in all this superb training of mind and spirit we are forever free from the handicaps of mortal flesh. No longer must we constantly referee the conflicting contentions of our present divergent spiritual and material natures. At last we are to be qualified to enjoy the unified urge of a glorified mind long since divested of primitive animalistic trends towards things material.

Before leaving the universe of Nebadon, most of us Urantia mortals will be afforded opportunity to serve for a longer or shorter time as members of the Nebadon corps of Celestial Overseers.



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