The Designers and Embellishers

How the revelator wishes they knew how to portray the exquisite work of these unique artisans! Every attempt on their part to explain the work of spirit embellishment would only recall to material minds our own pitiful but worthy efforts to do these things on our world of mind and matter.

This corps, while embracing over one thousand subdivisions of activity, is grouped under the following seven major heads:

  1. The craft workers of color. These are they who make the ten thousand color tones of spirit reflection peal forth their exquisite messages of harmonious beauty. Aside from color perception there is nothing in human experience to which these activities may be compared.
  2. The sound designers. Spirit waves of diverse identity and morontia appreciation are depicted by these designers of what we would call sound. These impulses are in reality the superb reflections of the naked and glorious spirit-souls of the celestial hosts.
  3. The emotion designers. These enhancers and conservators of feeling are those who preserve the sentiments of morontia and the emotions of divinity for the study and edification of the children of time and for the inspiration and beautification of morontia progressors and advancing spirits.
  4. The artists of odor. This comparison of supernal spirit activities to the physical recognition of chemical odors is, indeed, unfortunate, but Urantia mortals could hardly recognize this ministry by any other name. These artisans create their varied symphonies for the edification and delight of the advancing children of light. We have nothing on earth to which this type of spiritual grandeur can be even remotely compared.
  5. The presence embellishers. These artisans are not occupied with the arts of self-adornment or the technique of creature beautification. They are devoted to the production of multitudinous and joyous reactions in individual morontia and spirit creatures by dramatizing the significance of relationship through the positional values assigned to different morontia and spirit orders in the composite ensembles of these diversified beings. These artists arrange supermaterial beings as we would living musical notes, odors, sights, and then blend them into the anthems of glory.
  6. The taste designers. And the revelator here notes just how can we be told of these artists! Faintly they suggest that they are improvers of morontia taste, and they also endeavor to increase the appreciation of beauty through the sharpening of the evolving spirit senses.
  7. The morontia synthesizers. These are the master craftsmen who, when all others have made their respective contributions, then add the culminating and finishing touches to the morontia ensemble, thus achieving an inspiring portrayal of the divinely beautiful, an enduring inspiration to spirit beings and their morontia associates. But the revelator concludes that we really must await our deliverance from the animal body before we can begin to conceive of the artistic glories and aesthetic beauties of the morontia and spirit worlds.
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