The Emergence of Our Planet’s First Two Human Beings

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It is the emergence of human will — the ability to know God and the power to choose to worship Him — that determines the first human being on any given planet; not the emergence of the human creature itself!

Make no mistake! It is the physical domain of basic evolution material life that resulted the evolution of the present material and finite human creature in which you — the human consciousness of your present human mind-now reside! For it is the electro-chemical physical organism of your present human body that is the mechanism that provides you the wherewithal to respond (right now) as a mortal creature in creation. Only must you now provide it regular exercise, feed it the nutrients of good food, keep it cleansed of all poisons, and last but not least (due to its origin and inherent imperfections) provide it plenty of love and understanding-as it shall surely journey you through the certainty of its — mistakes and misfortunes-to ensure the longevity of this earthly life — of you!

Upon conception, loaned to you, is the temporary intellect of a physical energy system called mind ­ the response-mechanism of physical organisms capable of learning through experience. For it’s you, through your “power of choice,” who decides (your) creature’s every move, and mistake!

The adaptive type of mind is the mind loaned to us human beings; and it’s activated and regulated by seven (7) adjutant mind spirits: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship and wisdom. It was thus through these mind spirits that the long evolutionary development of our planetary life functioned — via the Life Carriers — to evolve our material life. Increasingly these tireless mind ministers were able to make contact with the successively expanding brain capacities of our progressively evolving superior animal ancestry. Which indeed further verifies, the evolution of the human being was no mere accident; but conversely, was intelligently evolved and planned.

Historically, only the spirit of intuition could at first function in the instinctive and reflex behavior of our planet’s primordial animal life. But as the differentiation of the higher types emerged, the spirit of understanding was able to endow these creatures with the gift of spontaneous association of ideas. Later, the spirit of courage really developed a crude form of self-consciousness.

The spirit of knowledge being able to manifest itself in an ever-progressive measure before the appearance of the dawn mammals, the spirit of counsel, brought by the subsequent evolution of the higher mammals, resulted in the growth of our herd instinct and the beginnings of our primitive social development. And increasingly did the augmented service of these five (5) adjutant mind-spirits lead our prehuman evolution on down through the dawn mammals, the mid-mammals, to the Primates — where suddenly appeared from them the birth of the two superior twins Andon and Fonta (one male, one female} — soon to be named our first two human beings!

When the Primate twins were about ten years of age, both having demonstrated considerable vanity, and each showing an appreciation for subjects and other beings, the spirit of worship made its first contact with the mind of the female, and soon thereafter with the male — bringing a whole new group of human feelings to them. Awe, reverence, humility, and even a primitive form of gratitude embraced this worshipful group of feelings; and its sudden appearance was the most remarkable advance in emotional development ever to have been experienced on this planet before. And these feelings, along with the twins’ natural fear, coupled with their ignorance of natural phenomena, was about to give birth to primitive religion.

Knowledge plus experience equals wisdom! Thus the spirit of wisdom forever distinguishes the evolving spiritual ascension of a human creature of its association from the ‘soul-less’ animals of mind endowment.

About a year later, resulting meditative thought and a purposeful decision, the twins finally resolved to flee and journeyed northward from their less intelligent mid-mammal tribe. It was thus at this juncture the spirit of wisdom began to function in the minds of our world’s first (now recognized) two human beings. And little did the twins know that due to this decision-choice they were thus the first two human beings to therefore establish our human race.

Again, it is the emergence of human will — the ability to know God, and the power to choose to worship Him — that gives to the human creature the status of a human being; not the evolution of the human creature itself!

Our planet Urantia thus it is revealed achieved the human levels of will-dignity 993,475 years ago (from 2001 A.D.). It was when our first Primate twins made the human freewill decision to flee the tribe of their less intelligent relatives to pioneer a better way, to be exact, that marked the occasion of this great and historic event! And this emergence of human will on our planet brought throughout the cosmos the revelators reveal the ultimate of heavenly joy, and the supreme of effort satisfaction!

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