The Eternal Central Universe

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Moving out from the Holy Area of Paradise, to the periphery of Paradise itself – Paradise abruptly ends!   And if you would imagine a finite, inconceivably large V-shaped plane, placed at right angles of both the upper and lower surfaces of Paradise – with its point nearly tangent this periphery – and then visualizing this plane in elliptical revolution about Paradise, its revolution would (roughly) outline the volume of pervaded space.

Pervaded space extends horizontally outward – through and beyond the current periphery of all creation.  And with reference to any given location in creation, if one could move far enough at right angles either up or down (though how far is not known), eventually, the upper or lower limit of all creation would be encountered, and within these known dimensions, such limits draw further and further apart, at greater and greater distances, from the central location of Paradise itself.

Within the horizontal pattern of pervaded space, six concentric space levels revolve around the ellipsoid of Paradise, and each and all are surrounded by relatively quiet space zones.  And the eternal Isle of Paradise and the six concentric space levels together comprise the (present) total of all creation – and is named the Master Universe.

As the first concentric space level revolves clockwise (in eternity) about the elliptic peripheral of Paradise, the second space level revolves counter-clockwise, the third space level revolves clockwise, and so on until the last and outer space level revolves counter-clockwise (in time and space) in elliptical revolution about Paradise.  And it is this counter-balancing, in connection with the gravitational pull of lower Paradise, that provides the entire stability of all the cosmos.

Having no beginning nor no end, or being not the result of any evolutionary development, the perfect eternal central universe maintains its pre-existence in the first concentric space level – and is named Havona.

The eternal Isle of Paradise and the simultaneously created perfect eternal central universe of Havona (together) serve as the Paradise-Havona system – and is commissioned to eternally be the actual Headquarters of all Infinity!

And as its one day is just 7 minutes, 3 and 1/8th seconds less than one thousand (1,000) years of the planetary calendar of our leap year here, so too does this one day, in eternity, serve as the standard time measurement of our 2nd Space Level Path of time and space; though each of the seven superuniverses, in time, maintains its own internal standard of time.

The first concentric space level comprises ten concentric stabilized units that all revolve around Paradise as one vast plane.  And this one and only, wholly created, perfect eternal central universe planetary family is the external core of which all the creations of time and space revolve.

The first three concentric circuits of Havona, having seven spheres each, are the twenty-one (21) sacred life spheres of Paradise; of which Divinington, the home of the Thought Adjusters, can be found in the first of the three.  Together these 21 spheres embrace the potentials of the function of the Master Universe – in the Self-revelation of the Eternal I AM actualization of God, by God-Himself!

Traveling out from the clockwise processional of the three circuits of Paradise spheres, the seven concentric circuits of the Havona worlds are approached.  Comprising one billion spheres of unimagined beauty and superb grandeur, each world is original and uniquely planned.  And although each circuit differs having upward of 35 million worlds in its innermost circuit and over 245 million worlds in its outermost circuit, with varying proportions in between, each of these worlds in each of the seven circuits follow one another in a perfect orderly linear procession.

Of those of us, who so choose, one by one we must traverse and visit each of these one billion Havona worlds as our final proving grounds to Paradise perfection, with our actual replete perfection being attained on Paradise itself.  And when on our visits of the last of these billion worlds, we will leave behind the urge-stimulation of our present curiosity and its discover-satisfactions inherent in time – to be replaced with the forward urge-impulses of the eternal-satisfactions of (your) eternal spirit living.

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