Eternal Reason All Exists!

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God “Self-revealing” the Eternal I AM actualization of His Infinite inherent potentials in All-is the eternal reason all exists-including you!

The only uncaused Cause is the absolute, infinite, and unqualified phenomena of pure spiritual energy; and therefore pure spirit energy is the First Cause and Source of All existence!

“Self-revealed” – the First Cause and Source is a real pure Spirit Person; universally named (by most) “GOD” -The Spiritual Father of us All! And as God does (right now) reside at the very nucleus of His largest and most exquisite creation-the Eternal Isle of Paradise, located at the very center of all infinity-so too is it He Who enjoys Perfect Personality expression and is the Creator, Controller, and Upholder of all things and all beings.

God’s eternal infinity, and our present finite beginning, in time and position in space, emphatically concludes our inability (fully) to comprehend that which is pre-existent, perfect, infinite, absolute, and unqualified. However, we do possess an ability to feel that which is eternally true and therefore it may be through your (own) feel that this information may serve as a healing agent for you-too!

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God Rules Alone!

God’s Limitlessness



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