Eternal Reason You are Here!

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God’s eternal mandate to “create a creature in My Image” is the eternal reason you are here!

Of the zillions upon zillions of personalities God eternally creates to function in the infinity of His creation, of this eternally limitless galaxy of spiritual, mindal, and material energies alike, who are spiritually personalized [that is, given personality] to [potentially-eternally] participate in God Self­ revealing the eternal I AM actualization of His infinite inherent potentials in ALL, it is us, the human being, who number amongst the comparatively few will-creatures who shall actually evolve to “Be” – in the “Image” of Him! You are indeed His Spiritual Child!

Though all created personalities have the potential and the ability to enter into a communicative relationship with God, it is His children, to include us human beings, who can actually choose – within the sphere of our own inherent potential – to be as God!

Envied by many, but universally loved by all, it is us human beings who are inclusive in the number of God’s actual mortal children! It is us who number amongst the comparatively few creative will creatures pre-destined to be, within the sphere of our own individual personality potentials, as God IS in ALL!

God is a pure Spirit Person, and never does He leave the central dwelling of His nucleus Paradise location. It is thus those of us whom He creates in His image to personally function throughout almost an infinity of Him as the potentially eternal God-agents of Him – within the sphere of our own inherent personality potentials! And right now you are being spiritually trained!

Prior to functioning in our Father’s actual universe affairs, created perfect personalities must first traverse the various levels of universe imperfection – to experience the repleteness of imperfection; and created imperfect personalities, such as ourselves, must first traverse a life-experiencing, spiritually ascending “mortal to immortal to spirit” training career – to attain perfect, eternal personality expression.

Upon the repleteness of the perfection of your present personality expression, you shall eternally be the God-agent Spirit Person, of the right now indwelling God-identity of you, or the inherent personality potential, God has already given to you! And then, whenever it is, in eternity, that God shall require His personal expression of your function in His Self-revelation of the eternal I AM actualization of Him – it shall be you, to personally function as Him – in almost all infinity!

Take not lightly the eternal value of you! Not only do you (right now) possess a self-realizing, universally expanding, original and unique, personality expression – having the potential to evolve into an eternal reality, functional throughout almost an infinity of living – you also have the personality power “to create,” and, to ‘Be,’ as God would ‘Be’ as you!

You made it! I made it! We are human beings! Not only will we personally function in the Self­ revelation of the eternal I AM actualization of God, we will actually evolve to ‘Be’ –within the sphere of our own individual inherent personality potential – as God IS in ALL!

And there is no other being in all creation wishing not to have such an eternal pre-destination!

We are Blessed! So enjoy the ride! And remember: what you begin here in time, you will certainly finish in eternity, if it’s at all spiritually worth finishing!

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God is Perfect and He Does Know the All of You!

God Rules Alone!


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